CyHi’s Freestyle Shows Why He Is A GOAT Ghostwriter

This month, Atlanta, Georgia veteran MC CyHi released a four-track EP, EGOT. No longer officially using “The Prynce” in his name, CyHi’s latest release follows 2017’s acclaimed No Dope On Sundays—named among Ambrosia For Heads‘ best of that year. Nearly five years removed from that major-label drop, the highly-respected writer (for himself and others) has launched a record company, EGOT, and begun a rebrand of sorts. However, his reputation for top-notch lyricism remains part of the package.

This month, CyHi returned to The L.A. Leakers radio show to deliver a punishing freestyle display. “Confessional soliloquies / A lesson of humility / It’s hard when our fathers in correctional facilities / If it wasn’t for my professional ability / I would probably be somewhere on a level-4 where killers be / But I’m off a Gresham Road, with a extra load of Hillary / Straight from Mexico; my connections go to Italy,” he begins to 42 Dugg’s exceptional “Maybach” instrumental.

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Moments later, The Prynce raps: “I was taught never get caught at the stop light / Beef last forever, I wish I could make it alright / But I had to learn how to make it home making all rights / Get what I’m saying? Alright / Ni**as shooting in the air, never had a dog fight / Glock with the fog light / I done lived a hard life, right? / Man these streets’ll show you no mercy / Like leftover Thanksgiving, I went cold turkey / The most worthy / I took a flow that’s so murky / They call me 4:30 that means I was woke early / Had to get my teeth fixed / Rest in Peace to ‘Ol Dirty, ain’t them h*e pearly? / Yeah, okay let’s switch the topic / I might just drop a Christian project, ni**as still’ll cop it / I’m a Catholic that’s philosophic, and my freestyles are Philanthropic / So that makes me a Non profit / Get the logic? / Used to be a con’ artist, but I never picked a pocket / My partner still doing time, imagine me stealing watches / They botched a robbery and had to kill the hostage / Real life chronicles / The honorable Muhammad who changed lives / My songs can do the same things the / Quran‘ll do / Life ain’t fair, nah / And neither is the carnival, they get payed when you lose / How you think they make they money fool? / Sunday school over one’s and two’s / In the middle of tongue and grove / There’s wisdom in my rendezvous.

The display continues, even through beat changes. CyHi drops impressive wordplay, like, “Pull off in the farm watch your fish tail / We was wearing fish scale on the fish scale / No really a fish scale / You know the one with the hook on it that you hang by the fish gill / We was getting the men I’m talking big bells / Huh, plus them nick cell they been fears down / I’m just a rich player i never did jail / Man forget 12 but if you did tell / Snitching on the click it wouldn’t sit well / They goin’ be your mama how was Sig’ shells / A couple bands on your head, I’m talking pigtails.

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Throughout the freestyle, CyHi frequently flips from showcasing his Rap prowess to alluding to his days in and around the trap. The 37-year-old ATL veteran demonstrates why he’s a Grammy-nominated writer for Kanye West, Travis Scott, and others, along with his own brolic catalog.

#BonusBeat: New music from CyHi’s EGOT is currently on the official AFH playlist: