French Montana Shows He Can Really Rap On A Song With Jadakiss & Benny

French Montana has been a powerful force over the last decade-plus. The Moroccan-born, New York City-raised MC has released platinum and gold albums, and dropped a plethora of major singles alongside the likes of Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Diplo, Swae Lee, The Weeknd, and others. French has achieved commercial impact along with street respect. Long before he broke bread with Bad Boy and Maybach Music Group, he was a Coke Boys captain, recognized for top mixtape product in the streets. That adoration has never seemed to wane.

However, French Montana continues to strive to make music respected by Hip-Hop Heads. This Friday (June 24), he teams with longtime producer Harry Fraud to deliver Montega. The Coke Boys Records release appears to be a stark reminder that Karim Kharbouch is an MC at heart. His latest video single, “Bricks & Bags,” is proof. In a career of impressive collaborations, Jadakiss and Benny The Butcher appear on the giant record.

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“For ‘Bricks & Bags’ me and [Harry] Fraud wanted to bring together two artists that, to me represent that impeccable Cokeboy sound” French said in a press statement. “Jadakiss gave me one of my first major co-signs when we did ‘New York Minute’ in 2009; Benny continues to show why he is one of the best artists to emerge out of the East Coast in the past few years.” Harry Fraud, whose career breakthrough happened in step with early French Montana placements, added, “[This is] a hard-hitting beat with two of the deadliest lyricists in the game. Steel sharpens steel, and this song personifies that.”

Benny kicks off the song with a top-notch verse. He also provides a chorus, suggesting that if his Rap career began earlier, he would have been a fit on the Coke Boys imprint. The Butcher closes his verse with pungent lyrics: “Responsibility come with the opportunity / Don’t want no crooked preacher lyin’ in my eulogy / H*es think they usin’ me, I got her out the country eatin’ beautifully / Spent a couple hundred on her charcuterie / War endorsement, war with law enforcement / ‘Til my lawn full of Maybachs and small Porsches.” Harry Fraud, fresh off of amazing 2021 collabo albums with Benny and Curren$y, respectively, gives one of his most exciting beats of all time, to French.

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French raps next, showcasing his talent. He also closes with crescendo: “Need a brick in a brown bag? Sign to me / Never let nobody live in your mind for free / And when you get tested, you get your answers / Block pitchin’, jumpin’ like Miles Bridges / Could have signed to Cash Money, but I was gettin’ cash money / Knicks game, floor seats next to Van Gundy / Coke Boy co-founder, head cracked like I was nose-divin’ / At the met gala with no stylist.” Jadakiss finishes, making the trio proud, likely referencing the recent controversial arrests of Young Thug, Gunna, and the YSL crew. “Yeah, they hit ni**as with the RICO / The only drill he ever been on was from Home Depot / It’s never your enemy, it’s always your own people / Pride was the reason he died, no ego / You know me, you know me, the don Jada’ / I’m out there, morning shift for the Montega / Work touched down, I sold it, I ain’t hold it / Twelve hours, hand to hand, no COVID / We just rubbin’ bands, the money, we don’t fold it / As far as the account of me goes, we control it.

In the video, the three MCs record in the lab, then take the party to a lounge:

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Last year, Benny and Harry Fraud’s The Plugs I Met 2 was named among Ambrosia For Heads‘ best of 2021. That LP featured French Montana.

Other songs from Montega as well as additional music from Benny The Butcher and Harry Fraud is currently on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist. Previously, Babyface Ray appeared on lead single “Drive By.”

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