Brandy & Jack Harlow Make Peace With A 1st Class BET Awards Performance

For weeks, Jack Harlow and Brandy have been in a playful war of words. It all began when, during a May 10 interview with HOT 97’s Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, Harlow did not know who and artist was on a song that the hosts played while quizzing him. The hosts attempted to give him some hints, mentioning that the artist he was hearing had a TV show. When that didn’t help, Rosenberg gave him what he thought was a slam dunk, by saying “Her brother is the reason why a lot of people are famous,” with Ebro adding, “Her brother had an amazing sex tape.”

While Harlow recognized the hint applied to Ray J, who infamously dated Kim Kardashian, before she married Kanye West, Harlow had no idea who Ray J’s sister was. After hilarity ensued, Ebro informed Harlow that Brandy was Ray J’s sister. Harlow, who was born on March 13, 1998, was not even born when Brandy’s debut album was released. He was only two when her Moesha show debuted. Needless to say Harlow, missed the entire cycle when Brandy was the more famous sibling and Ray J was known as her little brother.

Brandy Outraps Jack Harlow On His Own Beat

Harlow’s gaffe quickly went viral, with Brandy, herself weighing in shortly thereafter. “I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing is ass to sleep,” said the artist with three platinum albums and two gold. Later, she told a responder to her tweet, “I know I’m mad late… but it was a joke. I didn’t know he rapped so I was just Poking. but I see now this was a big thing a few days ago.” The singer/actress added, “See, I can have a little fun too. hehe…all love.” Harlow responded by playing Brandy’s Kanye West 2005 collaboration “Bring Me Down,” but cutting out the singer’s guest spot.

Two weeks later, Brandy took their “beef” up a notch by releasing a “diss” record where she arguably out-rapped Harlow over his own “First Class” beat.

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Tonight (June 26), Harlow and Brandy made clear that it was all fun and games as they took the stage together at the 2022 BET Awards. After starting his performance with “Poison,” featuring an animated Lil Wayne, Harlow launched into his smash hit “First Class,” which samples Fergie’s “Glamorous.” Toward the end of the performance, the stage went dark, and the silhouette of a woman appeared center stage. When the lights came back up, they revealed Brandy who launched into a spirited rendition of her “First Class” verse.

During her performance, Ray J can be seen cheering her on, as she brought the house down. When the performance was over, Harlow and Brandy embraced and it was all smiles. Jack Harlow clearly knows who Brandy is now, and so does likely an entire new generation.

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#BonusBeat: New music by Jack Harlow, as well as Cordae, Baby Keem, Denzel Curry, Kota The Friend, and Russ, is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist: