Jadakiss Makes NY Hip-Hop Great Again

Last month, Jadakiss released one of the year’s most stunning songs on DJ Khaled’s GOD DID album. While JAY-Z’s verse on the title track has been the talk of much of the Hip-Hop community for the last eight days, even Hov credited Jadakiss’ solo song as a standout moment. This week, while speaking on Twitter Spaces to journalist Rob Markman and longtime associate Lenny S., Jay said, “That [‘JADAKISS INTERLUDE’] record is so hard, [DJ] Khaled had a whole vibe. He may wanna revisit that later, a remix.” Whether or not Jay intends to appear on such a remix is unknown. Last year, Jay and Jadakiss appeared with Conway The Machine on “King Kong Riddim” from Roc Nation’s The Harder They Fall soundtrack.

“JADAKISS INTERLUDE” celebrates an incredible 12-plus-month run for The LOX cofounder. After commanding a high-profile stage in The LOX Verzuz The Diplomats in August 2021, Jada’ continues to level-up well into a 25-plus-year career. He took less than a week to make a visual for Khaled’s latest album, which be a chart-topper.

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Khaled joins Jadakiss in the MC’s hometown of Yonkers, New York for the visual. ‘Kiss is in his element: shooting dice, talkin’ smack, and putting down dope bars. The video pays homage to the opening line, where Jada’ says he is made up of Prodigy, Biggie Smalls, and Big Pun—three late collaborators. The Big Apple vibe and attitude plays a major role in the treatment as it does in the lyrics.

The song begins with a classic James Brown sample that captures the vibe. The video version does not call back to Jadakiss’ “New York” verse alongside Ja Rule and Fat Joe nearly 20 years. Though, that element is part of the album version—produced by Khaled, Streetrunner, and Tarik Azzouz.

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GOD DID also features Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, and more.

#BonusBeat: “JADAKISS INTERLUDE” is presently included on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist, along with new music from JAY-Z, French Montana & Harry Fraud, Black Soprano Family, Meyhem Lauren & Daringer, Black Thought & Danger Mouse and more: