Keith Murray Details His Alleged Affair With Foxy Brown While She Dated Kurupt

In late 1999, Kurupt released one of the most inflammatory diss songs of that period. “Calling Out Names,” an unlisted bonus song from Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha, was a scathing diss by Tha Dogg Pound MC aimed at DMX, Ja Rule, and Irv Gotti—while making disparaging remarks about The Firm ,the cast of Belly, and the Ruff Ryders—with the exception of Eve.

In that Fred Wreck-produced diss song, Kurupt warned opponents against visiting the West Coast, or brutal violence may ensue. At the center of the dispute was Foxy Brown, whom Kurupt had proposed marriage to in 1997. Since news of the their 1997 engagement, Foxy had topped the charts alongside Nas, AZ, and Nature as a member of The Firm. In early 1999, she again bested the pop charts with her sophomore solo album, Chyna Doll. In “Calling Out Names,” Kurupt’s lyrics jabbed at Foxy—signaling an end to their high-profile relationship, which had not resulted in a wedding.

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Kurupt, who had been in proximity to the coastal feud surrounding Death Row and Bad Boy Records years earlier, was careful in “Calling Out Names.” Like Eve with Ruff Ryders, the song pointed out allies and allegiances—such as Wu-Tang Clan, Buckshot, N.O.R.E., JAY-Z, and Kurupt’s HRSMN band-mate Canibus. It also claimed that Def Squad was cool as well, especially after DPG and Redman collaborated on Tupac’s “Got My Mind Made Up.”

However, new information reveals that perhaps Kurupt did not have all of the information. Def Squad member Keith Murray has revealed that he had a sexual affair with Foxy Brown during her time with Kurupt. In speaking with The Art Of Dialogue, the Central Islip, New Yorker spoke graphically about that tryst. “We became intimate friends,” he says of the MC peer whom he had met in passing during the 1990s. The two artists each appeared on LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya (Remix),” a video single that reportedly sparked controversy with Tupac Shakur following the Quad Studios shooting a year earlier.

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At the time, radio host Wendy Williams reportedly outed the budding romantic relationship between Foxy and Murray on-air. The host said sources spotted the couple leaving a hotel. According to Murray, that event happened, and it followed a sexual experience after a Def Squad concert at Los Angeles’ House Of Blues venue. “We rocked hardcore, went into the hotel and [Foxy Brown] gave me hardcore head,” Keith Murray explained in a clip, while he acting out his reaction to Brown’s sexual favor. The former Erick Sermon protege elaborated, “I ate her p*ssy, but I never f*cked her and then she was with Kurupt at that time, so we was coming out of the hotel after she gave me head [in a hotel] and we was coming and Kurupt was [also] coming.” Keith says the moment happened at L.A.’s Mondrian Hotel. “It was [when] the East Coast-West Coast [beef was] goin’ on!” Murray alleges that Foxy deliberately wanted to be spotted by Kurupt. He says he turned around and avoided that situation. “I spinned off and went the other way, and she went right to him. That was around the time when she was wit’ him.”

Keith then implies that like him, DMX may have had a similar experience with his then label-mate and “Dog & A Fox” collaborator. In 2018, three years before Earl Simmons’ death, Kurupt spoke at length about his beef with DMX surrounding Foxy Brown, and later making peace.

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In the clip, Keith says his encounters with Foxy also transpired in Brooklyn, New York—her hometown. The Long Islander points to Foxy and Kurupt’s ensuing relationship, perhaps confusing their engagement with marriage. “That’s when I knew females are no f*cking good,” Murray assers. “She’s a main artist, whopping me off, married to this dude—but I don’t know if they were married at that time. It was around that era and they was beefing with the other girl Kurupt was with at that time.” He alleges the Kurupt’s relationship with Nivea overlapped his connection to Foxy. Nivea appeared on Streetz Iz A Mutha, although Keith could be mistaking Lil Wayne’s later partner with Blaque member Natina Reed, who was later engaged to Kurupt. “Could you imagine your wife a rapper whopping off a ni**a and then walking. She was trying to use me. It could have been guns poppin’ that night in there, in that lobby.”

Keith Murray ended his story in detail, by explaining Foxy Brown could “suck a nickle through a straw.”

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Notably, in the years that followed, Keith Murray formed a group with Canibus, who joined Kurupt as a member of HRSM. Keith and ‘Bis became The Undergods.

It has been nearly 15 years since Foxy Brown dropped an LP. The Brooklyn MC has not publicly responded to Keith Murray’s account.

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In 2022, Keith Murray released “The Shalimar.” This month, Kurupt partnered with C-Mob for Don’t Be Stupid, featuring Snoop Dogg, KXNG Crooked, Spice 1, and others. There have been reports of Death Row Records releasing Dogg Food 2 by Tha Dogg Pound, a DPG and Bone Thugs super-group, and an upcoming project by Kurupt, Daz, The Lady Of Rage, and RBX. Music from the Philly-to-South Central LA lyricist is currently on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist: