Cordae & Anderson .Paak Have A Heated Debate About A Woman On Their New Song

In 2019, Anderson .Paak was a crucial guest on Cordae’s Grammy-nominated album, The Lost Boy (also named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ best albums that year). That collaboration, “RNP (Rich Ni**a Problems)” was produced by J. Cole and evolved to become a music video. The chemistry between Cordae and Paak was palpable, on a thick bassline from Cole.

Almost four years later, this trio is back in position for “Two Tens”—and it Following last year’s From A Bird’s Eye View, this video single signals whatever may be next for Cordae. This song has a theme, as Cordae (now expecting a child with tennis superstar Naomi Osaka) and Paak position themselves on the prowl for romance. There, they encounter two women, but have very different outcomes. The chorus, which they both do, explains it all: “Two friends and they both tens, lookin’ nice, uh / Too bent, I should call it quits but I’m not, uh / No chances, we all dance in the light, uh / Tell me, what’s the odds we can all get a bite?

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The song is unapologetic in its lyrics, which call back to 1990s Rap. The two MCs have interplay about catching feelings: “Man, I love this b*tch, we gon’ travel and fill up the bucket list / Have ’bout 10 kids on the ranch on some southern sh*t,” raps Paak, as he enters the bathroom stall with a woman—clearly catching feelings. Steps away, Cordae is a skeptic. He keeps the rhyme pattern going: “You mean sucker sh*t, slave to the p*ssy since you discovered it / Ten bands on Chanel purse, that’s bad budgetin’ / Plus you ni**as always together, it’s mad smotherin’ / You simpin’ over b*tches, I never thought it would come to this.” Paak objects to the criticism and name-calling: “Why you always mad? I just wanna have fun with it / The winters ain’t bad when you cruisin’ in the summer with

Cordae, perhaps playing the player-hating role of the song, gets boldly misogynistic, as he doubles down on his friend: “See, I’m not tryna be overbearin’ or give you a lecture / I just want you to see this sh*t from a different perspective / See, every h*e is a dog, and every dog has its day / You can be lovin’ on every mutt that be fallin’ astray,” raps the MC. Paak calls him out for the words, and also implies he’s blocking the movement. Moments later, the two artists return to form as they perform the song in the club DJ booth. After this, Cordae seems happy, with a voiceover confirming as much.

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“Two Tens” is currently included on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist, along with new music by Oddisee, Skyzoo & The Other Guys, Little Simz, and others.

Earlier this month, Naomi Osaka revealed that she and Cordae are expecting their first child.

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#BonusBeat: In early 2022, AFH‘s What’s The Headline podcast opined on the future Hip-Hop stars of the coming decade, including Cordae: