Ghostface Killah Is A 60 Second Assassin In His New Verse

Yesterday (August 25), Ghostface Killah teamed with Westside Gunn and DJ Muggs for “Sicilian Gold.” The collaboration between members of Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Griselda appears on the new Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley album and is embedded below.

GFK, who released a Remy Ma collaborative single “YUPP!” this month, is on a tear. He partners with Red Bull to drop a 60-second freestyle video. In the clip, a freshly-laced “Tony Starks” raps into a mic with swagger—even from the way he sports his headphones around a cap to the side.

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The pupils burn from the gaze of the sun light / Try’na go legit this time, with no g_n fights,” begins the veteran MC. He then breaks into a story, part of Red Bull’s ongoing freestyle challenge. The imagery is crisp and detailed, from colors to cars to clothes. Ghost’ zooms out for perspective. “Fifty years of Hip-Hop / New York is the mascot / City is the backdrop / Want more? You can holla at me.” He reworks the Hip-Hop statement to end of crescendo: “The culture is the power that be.

Although Sunz Of Man member 60 Second Assassin was a longtime affiliate of GFK and a Supreme Clientele guest, Ghost’ earns that name (taken from a martial arts film that inspired the Wu-Tang) in this freestyle.

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Earlier this year, Ghost’, Raekwon, Method Man, and Inspectah Deck offered a Wu-Tang reunion of sorts for Statik Selektah’s “Unpredictable.” This month, Red Bull also produced another amazing freestyle video from a fellow class of legendary 1993 Hip-Hop outfit: Souls Of Mischief.

TDE MC Ray Vaughn, G Perico, and others have competed in the 60 Second Challenge.

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#BonusBeat: Ghostface Killah’s “Sicilian Gold” and “Unpredictable” are currently available on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist: