Erick Sermon Is Releasing A Dynamic Duos Album

This weekend, Erick Sermon released the first single of a long-anticipated album, Dynamic Duos. On Friday (February 9), E-Double released “Back 2 The Party.” The song features a legendary duo, Salt-n-Pepa. Sermon orchestrates a song that is co-produced by his longtime Def Squad affiliate Rockwilder (with Erick). What’s more, the album is said to be arriving in less than a month.

In October 2017, EPMD appeared on Drink Champs. There, Sermon said, “Right now, we have Capone-N-Noreaga, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Salt-n-Pepa, Black Star…Dynamic Duos is coming!” At the time, The Green-Eyed Bandit vowed the project was arriving on JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. PMD said at the time, “We’re working with groups on this album.” Erick added, “Only groups, Dynamic Duos: Big Business.” Although it now appears to be a solo album, the Salt-n-Pepa feature actualized with “Back 2 The Party.” However, the lyrics quickly indicate that this year was recorded after the pandemic.

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In 2019, Ambrosia For Heads interviewed Erick at his Long Island, New York studio. In addition to an interview with E-Double, Parrish Smith made a surprise appearance and sat for a second, unexpected interview with EPMD (embedded below). Both Sermon and Parrish Smith spoke of the album, while E-Double played some snippets in the video. Rockwilder was among the artists creating at the recording compound that day.

The billing of Dynamic Duos now is back to an Erick Sermon solo endeavor—the latest release in a personal discography that dates back to 1993’s No Pressure. The first official single is inspired the parties of yesteryear, shouting out bygone NYC clubs like The Fever and Rooftop. Salt raps first, then Pep. Notably, Erick does not rap on this one. Rockwilder and Erick have shared the boards on albums by Redman, JAY-Z, and more.

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In 2024, Sermon claims he has secured an album deal with 300 Entertainment/Warner Bros. Records. Ahead of this month’s Grammy Awards, Sermon, spoke with Ambrosia For Heads own Justin “The Company Man” Hunte. On the red carpet, E-Double says that Dynamic Duos will also feature Redman & Method Man, Tha Dogg Pound, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, as well as individual artists like Lil Wayne, The Game, Snoop Dogg, and the late Nate Dogg. “People are gonna really enjoy this,” said the accomplished multi-threat. It is unclear if the previously touted collaborations with Capone-N-Noreaga, Black Star, or Raekwon and Ghostface Killah materialized, or will make the final major label LP.

In addition to his chat with The Company Man, this week, Erick Sermon has also done press with The Bootleg Kev Podcast. The Def Squad co-founder said he and Kanye West are collaborating alongside Ty Dolla Sign. Notably, Sermon also claimed he earns nearly seven-figures off of a double-platinum song by Metro Boomin and The Weeknd, which released in 2022.

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“The Weeknd is one of the most streamed artists in the world. So him and Metro Boomin [sampled Mario’s] ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ which [samples] ‘You’re A Customer,’” Erick noted. “I only own 4% of [‘Creepin’’]. Every four months, guess how much it brings in… $240,000” — which amounts to $720,000 per year.”

Erick Sermon last released Vernia in 2019, featuring AZ, Raekwon, Devin The Dude, Too Short, Xzibit, and others. Salt-n-Pepa last dropped Brand New in 1997. EPMD’s latest LP was We Mean Business in 2008.

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#BonusBeat: Ambrosia For Heads‘ 2019 conversation with EPMD: