Jadakiss Confirms That Styles P Once Dissed JAY-Z On His Own Song

Today, The LOX are in a partnership with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. There’s more than 20 years of history between Hov’ and The Warlocks. However, as fans are learning, not all of it is rooted in positivity.

Back in 1998, JAY-Z dropped his third album, Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life. Like many Jay albums, the Roc release is heralded for its singles as well as its deep cuts. 1999’s “Best Rap Album” winner at the Grammy Awards (giving Jay his first of 22 trophies) includes the posse cut “Reservoir Dogs,” featuring Sauce Money, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch. The last three were together as The LOX, following their debut, Money, Power & Respect, released at the top of ’98.

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While appearing as a guest on the latest episode of Genius‘ interview series, For the Record, Jadakiss provided some background on the song’s history and recording sessions, revealing that Styles P actually wrote his verse to diss JAY-Z on his own song. The reason? They were angry at Jay for not letting them drop off their luggage before the studio session.

“We just flew in from a LOX show, from a weekend of shows,” Jadakiss began to explain in the above video at 19:09. “And when we landed—I’m not sure if it was Newark, LaGuardia or JFK [airports]—we got the call at the airport, like ‘Yo, Jay [wants] to do a song with y’all.’ So we like that’s cool, we’re gonna go home, put our luggage [away]. They like, ‘Nah, he wants you to go there right now.’ And we [were] like, ‘We can’t go home and drop off our luggage?’ We don’t have carry-ons, we had big sh*t that we had to check. So that put us on edge a little cause we always looked at it like, if he just landed would he just come to the studio with his luggage? No! But so that was a good edge.”

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We get to [to the studio] and [Beanie] Sigel was in there. He just makes Sig’ rhyme for us. And soon was everybody did their introduction, Sig’ is dumping. Hov [says], ‘Keep going. Keep going!’ And we’re like, this ni**a’s nice, Hov.’ They make him stop, they pull up the beat, Erick Sermon did the beat. Me, Sheek [Louch], and Sigel laid [vocals], then Styles came back the next day and him and Hov laid [his vocals], they did their part after that.

After Jada’s retelling, Genius‘ Rob Markman asked the rapper about his beef with Beanie Sigel. “I don’t know if I’ve heard another battle so evenly met,” he said. “I think y’all might have the best battle in Hip-Hop.”

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“That hurt me more than any of them because it was nothing,” Jadakiss responded. “Even though all of them was nothing, like, 50 [Cent] started with me, everyone always starts with me. I’m not the aggressor around here, they call me to clean it up. But, you know, Sig’ was really close. And then, come to find out, when he went through it he said they made him do that. It was personal, it hurt me. 50 was fun for me. I was able to make money. But the Beanie one went to the brain.”

After Jada recalled his beef with Beanie, Markman started to recite Styles’ verse on “Reservoir Dogs.” S.P. The Ghost began, “I don’t give a f*ck who you are, so f*ck who you are / I don’t care about a pretty b*tch, watch, or a car / I don’t care about your block and whoever you shot / I don’t care about your album and whenever it drop / I don’t care about your past / If I did I would’ve asked / I’m too busy lighting ‘dro with a whole lotta hash / Far as this Rap sh*t, I’m 10 steps ahead of ni**as.

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Jadakiss confirmed: “He was goin’ on Hov on there. I mean, that’s what all of them kind of records on are, Hov was like ‘he sound like he talking about me on there!’ People screw the silencer on and slip one in every now and then.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jadakisss also explains why he pushed his latest album, Ignatius, back by one week out of respect to Brooklyn, New York rapper Pop Smoke’s death. Ignatius is Jadakiss’ first solo album in five years, following 2015’s Top 5 Dead Or Alive, and his 2017 joint project with Fabolous, Friday On Elm Street.

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New music from Jadakiss is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist.