Raekwon Explains Ghostface’s Biggie Diss on The Purple Tape. Goes Deep on Wu History (Video)

After more than 20 years in Hip-Hop, Raekwon has some stories...lots of them. He sat down with Sway and had as deep of a conversation as you will ever hear from the Wu-Tang Clan killer bee. The OGs covered a lot of ground, starting with how the Wu changed the... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Hope for A Better Tomorrow Against a Backdrop of Visual Chaos (Video)

Wu-Tang Clan's "A Better Tomorrow" could not have come at a more relevant time. The group's song about social injustice is the perfect soundtrack to one of the most tumultuous times in American history in the last decade. Set against a backdrop of visual footage from protests for Michael Brown,... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Give Thanks to Fans with a Free Stream of A Better Tomorrow (Audio)

After many fits and starts, squabbles and squashes, Wu-Tang Clan put their differences aside and have come together to release their first album in 7 years. A Better Tomorrow hits stores on Tuesday, but the Wu are giving thanks to fans on Thanksgiving by releasing a full stream of the... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Is Right On Time With The A Better Tomorrow Title Cut (Audio)

After a weary week,  Wu-Tang Clan unloads their title song from A Better Tomorrow (December 2). While the album may have been met with some skepticism thus far, "A Better Tomorrow" certainly feels to be on a deeper level than much of what Heads have heard from the Wu clique... Read more

In The Midst Of It All, Wu-Tang Clan Looks Tight Together, Performing Live (Video)

In the last few weeks, a good bit has been going on with the Wu-Tang Clan leading up to A Better Tomorrow (December 2). After an old manager of sorts leaked some information, RZA and Cappadonna confirmed that the group has a tiered salary structure and pay scale, whereby Inspectah... Read more

Still Built For Cuban Links…Wu-Tang Clan Dedicates A Cut To The Necklaces (Audio)

Although they sometimes don't get due credit for it, the Wu-Tang Clan are masters of jewelry Rap. It can be easy to forget that Ghostface Killah famously battled his watch (voiced as Raekwon) 15 years ago. The Chef also dedicated his two most revered solo LPs to those who appreciated... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Is Still Out To Bring Da Ruckus, Taking A Page From KRS-One (Audio)

Hours after one of the New York City listening sessions for Wu-Tang Clan's A Better Tomorrow empties out, Heads are treated with new music. Put simply, "Ruckus In B Minor" is busy, and a lot to process. For starters, the beat changes sporadically throughout the song, arranged as a complex... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Has A History Of Iconic Artwork. How’s A Better Tomorrow Stack Up?

Wu-Tang Clan's album artwork, collectively and as individually artists, has been that of pop culture. Re-popularized on t-shirts, posters, and the like, the images of the New York Rap collective are as timeless as the verses from RZA and the family. It's been revealed that W.T.C's sixth album, A Better... Read more

RZA Freestyles Out Of The Blue During An Interview, Talks Battling Inspectah Deck (Video)

So MTV News opted to ask RZA about reported battles during the Wu-Tang Clan studio sessions for next month's A Better Tomorrow. The Abbott revealed that in a particular moment with Inspectah Deck, both RZA and Rebel INS turned to their phone files to pull out some rhymes and verses... Read more

RZA, Raekwon & Ghostface Speak on How They Worked Out Their Differences (Video)

Last Winter, Wu-Tang Clan, specifically Raekwon and RZA, had some very public disagreements. Raekwon in particular lobbed some very vitriolic words toward RZA about the status of Wu-Tang Clan's new music and his concerns about how the Wu brand was being represented. Rae even went as far as to say... Read more

RZA Says Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow Album Due In November

According to a new interview with Billboard, RZA says that Wu-Tang Clan's first studio album in more than seven years will be for sale next month. The Abbott of the Wu told Billboard's Eric K. Arnold that A Better Tomorrow will release on November 28, which is the retail holiday... Read more

Can It All Be So Simple: RZA & Raekwon Are Clan Brothers Once Again!

This morning (May 12), Wu-Tang Clan's website blog has posted some news that Heads can rejoice about, complete unity within the legendary collective. The site writes, "Breaking news : Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album : A Better Tomorrow, Details coming!" While neither... Read more

RZA Gives Rae and The Rest Of The Wu 30 Days To Resolve Their Issues Or You Can Forget About “A Better Tomorrow”

RZA and Raekwon has spoken extensively over the last week about the struggle between Rae and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan. This came in response to a Raekwon interview with Rolling Stone, where the Chef had some sharp words for The Abbott. Most recently, RZA sat down in a... Read more

Wu-Tang Clan Unload Their First Single From A Better Tomorrow (Audio)

During the two-year march towards A Better Tomorrow, Wu-Tang Clan has unveiled some music along the way. However, as suddenly as ever, this morning brought the first official single "Keep Watch," featuring Nathaniel and Cappadonna. Produced by DJ Allah Mathematics ("Mighty Healthy" and "Publicity"), the song uses a loop, drums,... Read more