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Kanye West Finally Admits That Sway Had The Answers (Video)

In late 2013, Kanye West gave Sway In The Morning a watershed moment. Host Sway Calloway suggested West empower himself, and in turn, others when he seemed to be at his highest. At a time when Kanye's later-revealed financial woes were making their way into the public, West erupted, "How,... Read more

Smif-n-Wessun & Rapsody Bring The Heat On A Song That Feels Like Summer (Premiere)

The gap between Smif-n-Wessun’s last album and their upcoming LP, The All has been their most extended hiatus since they dropped The Rude Awakening in 1998 (as Cocoa Brovaz) and did not follow-up with Smif-n-Wessun: Reloaded until 2005. And while Heads never like to wait for new material from one... Read more

Joey Bada$$ Turns His Amerikkkan Idol Into A 2017 Version Of JAY-Z’s Dead Presidents (Video)

Joey Bada$$ is fast at work promoting his 2017 sophomore album. All AmeriKKKan Bada$$ is the Brooklyn, New Yorker's second consecutive #5 debut. While stopping by the BBC, the Pro Era front man performed LP closer "AMERIKKKAN IDOL." The DJ Khalil (of Self Scientific) cut features such strong lyrics as "Now you tryna... Read more

JAY-Z Performs Family Feud With A Choir & Restores The Harmony (Video)

JAY-Z recently told BBC's Live Lounge, "I've always tried to push the envelope as an artist, and make new things, and try to make things that's an elevated version of what I've done...I have to be happy with it before I let it go." JAY-Z Reveals He And Prodigy Made... Read more

Vic Mensa Drops More Wisdom In 3 Minutes Than Most Rappers Do In A Career (Video)

Vic Mensa's recent EP, There's Alot Going On, could not be more appropriately titled. In fact, in a year where multiple citizens have died at the hands of the police, terrorists have attacked an independence day celebration, militaries are staging coups, snipers have killed multiple police officers, and countries are... Read more

On the 1-Year Anniversary of Mike Brown’s Death, Run the Jewels Explain Why Riots Work.

One year ago today, Michael Brown, an 18-year old unarmed Black man, was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. The event, and the subsequent failure to indict Wilson for the shooting, set off widespread rioting in Ferguson and across the country, and also marked the commencement... Read more

This 1976 Mini-Documentary Explores The Complexity of Graffiti Culture Before ‘Style Wars’ (Video)

It the late '70s, a distinctively rebellious trend began to populate the walls, monuments, and empty spaces of New York City, one that would go on to become a founding principle of Hip-Hop culture. Graffiti, despite having been around for millennia, experienced a surge in popularity in the late 20th... Read more

Freeway & The Jacka Spit Some Fire in the Booth (Video)

BBC Radio 1 continues its freestyle series with some Fire in the Booth from Freeway & The Jacka. Both go off the top quite a bit in this one and Freeway rocks a live version of "What We Do." Check out the video. Related: AZ, Freeway, Havoc & Kids These... Read more

Hear The Story Of Q-Tip, With Some A Tribe Called Quest & Last Zulu News (Audio)

The BBC keeps covering Hip-Hop with an elite edge. Benji B of the 1Xtra platform curated an extensive narrative audio mix, telling the Abstract story that is Q-Tip. With the playlist on display for "The Story Of Q-Tip," Benji cues records from the 1980s to set the stage for what... Read more

Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight Go Back & Forth In The Booth For 10 Minutes, Over Classic Instruments (Video)

Stopping in London recently, Pro Era's Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight hit the recording studio for the "Fire In The Booth" series. Kirk gets a coming out party, noting that he doesn't even have a project available, while the pair play games with the BBC's Charlie Sloth, implementing some homegrown... Read more

Eminem Talks Staying Close to His Roots and How He Sees Life After Rap with Zane Lowe (Video)

In the final installment of Eminem's interview with Zane Lowe, he discusses his love for Detroit, re-learning how to perform after getting sober and what he will do when he retires. Check out the video. Related: Marshall Mathers LP 2 Goes Platinum, Eminem Talks Love Game To Zane Lowe (Video)... Read more

Eminem Explains Why He Didn’t do a Sequel to Stan on MMLP2 and More to Zane Lowe (Video)

Like Jay Z and Kanye West earlier in the year, Eminem made the trek to the UK and sat down for an extended interview with the BBC's Zane Lowe. Em discussed Rap God, why he did a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP, why he was nervous to work with... Read more

Kanye West Interview With Zane Lowe Pt. 4 (Video)

Part 4 of Kanye West's conversation with Zane Lowe concludes what has been one of the most honest interviews in years. Love him or hate him, Kanye West has no fear of expressing what he believes. In this installment, he talks about greatness, what he means by "slave," Kendrick Lamar... Read more

Slaughterhouse – Fire in the Booth Freestyle (Video)

The Slaughterhouse crew go to work on that Numbers on the Board beat. Check out the video of their Fire in the Booth freestyle. Related: Slaughterhouse – Slaughter Sessions (Audio)... Read more

Jay-Z’s Interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe, Part 4 (Video)

The final part of Jay-Z's interview with the BBC finds him focusing on family. He talks about fatherhood, his daughter's character, performing with Mrs. Carter and more. Check out the video. Related: Jay-Z’s Interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe (Part 3) (Video)... Read more

Jay-Z’s Interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe (Part 2) (Video)

I'm digging Jay-Z's choice to have a series of intelligent conversations instead of standard interviews to support MCHG. Here's part 2 of his sit down with the BBC where he discusses the price and payoff of fame, the media and more. Check it out below. Related: Jay-Z Interview On BBC... Read more

JJ DOOM – Winter Blues (Live)

DOOM has a new collabo project with Jneiro Jarel. The forthcoming album is called Key to the Kuffs and they are performing under the name JJ DOOM. Check out a live rendition of their song Winter Blues that was done on BBC Radio. Related: Oh No - 3 Dollars featuring... Read more