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Roc Marciano Influenced A Decade Of Hip-Hop. He Looks Back At How He Did It (Video)

Roc Marciano's Rap career began before Y2K. However, the 2010s were a definitive decade for the Hempstead, Long Island MC/producer. After running with Flipmode Squad, co-founding The U.N., and putting in work with Pete Rock, Wu-Tang Clan, and others, the artist stepped forth. In 2010, the man born Rahkeim Meyer... Read more

Brownsville Ka’s Album Merges Hip-Hop With Greek Mythology & It Sounds Slick (Video)

The term MC was once synonymous with poet. Often times, rappers appear more focused on hooks, adlibs, and "sauce" than poetry. However, there are pockets of wordsmiths who are writing lyrics that make you think, smile, and even scrunch up your face on occasion. Ka is one of these artists.... Read more

The New York Post Tries To Malign An MC For Having A Day Job

Authenticity as an MC could very well be the most highly championed quality of a skilled rapper outside of creativity and writing ability. Throughout Hip-Hop's history, "keeping it real" has been held up as a banner by which to measure the worth of a rapper's persona and those who've been... Read more

Roc Marciano’s Intricate Verse Illuminates Alongside Ka & Preservation (Video)

Brownsville Ka and Roc Marciano have a ton in common. These two sparse New York City spitters have been riding together for years, two veteran underdogs, who helped each other make a penetrating comeback into Rap's digital era. Each are skilled MCs who can cook up their tracks. Within the... Read more

Ka & Preservation Literally Get Hypnotic In Latest Stylized Visual (Video)

Brownsville, Brookyln MC Ka releases a new hypnotic video titled "Day 912," which was followed by his "Day 0" and "Day 3" visuals that were released last month. With featured production from Preservation, where they also collaborated on 2014 EP titled 1200 BC , the track is a very personal look into the mind of the... Read more

Brownsville Ka Gives Hope a Spin In The Face Of Ill Street Blues (Video)

When its made well, music can be escape. However, nobody said that escape guarantees relief. Ka (a/k/a Brownsville Ka) has built a revived solo career (post-Natural Elements) in making sparse, insightful music that shows a New York City underbelly, far removed from the doormen, yellow cabs, and posh bakeries. In... Read more

Ka Continues Making That Elite Headphone-Rap Style Lyricism (Video)

After three celebrated independent, self-released full-lengths, Ka recently hit Heads off with 1200 B.C., an EP in the same vain. "Still Heir" is more of the close-talking, wisdom-drenched Rap the Brownsville MC is known for, dating back to his Natural Elements days. Preservation, who is one of Yasiin Bey's (Mos... Read more

Ka Gives A Textured Visual To Know It’s About (Video)

One of the year's most-heralded albums came self-released from Brownsville, Brooklyn MC Ka. The veteran of the Natural Elements has a unique delivery, and an approach to songwriting big on lessons and a cautionary tone. He really captured the vibe on '13's The Night's Gambit as an ill continuation of... Read more

The Natural Elements Return In An Unlikely Fashion, Saying There’s No Competition (Audio)

In the booming late '90s-early 2000s scene of "Underground Hip-Hop" in New York City, one group who was deeply present was the Natural Elements. Alumni of Stretch & Bobbito's radio show, the crew which included A-Butta, L Swift and Mr. Voodoo as core MCs got a major cosign from DJ... Read more

Ka – Jungle (Video)

Grandmaster Melle Mel told us all, "It's like a jungle / Sometimes make ya wonder / How I keep from goin' under." Brooklyn's Ka can relate in his precautionary tales. Coming from the same 'hood as Mike Tyson, M.O.P., and Trigger The Gambler, take heed to the teachings of the... Read more

Ka – Peace Akhi (Video)

Ka is straight chess boxin' in his song "Peace Akhi" and the video continues the metaphor. The Night's Gambit remains one of the hardest-hitting, most ear-grabbing albums of the year. The O.G. from the Natural Elements crew with the Brownsville roots. Like all of Ka's video, there's a lost-New York nostalgic... Read more

Ka – The Night’s Gambit (Full Album Stream)

Ka's Grief Pedigree album was met with widespread critical acclaim last year due to its gritty and incisive lyrics as well as spare and unflinching beats. The Brooklyn MC is back with another project that stands to be one of the breakout underground projects of the year. You can listen... Read more

Ka – Off The Record (Video)

Ka just dropped a brilliant song and video. He seamlessly weaves the titles of several classic records that shaped him into his verses and digs in the crates flipping through the album covers in the video. Pure hip-hop at its finest. Check it out. Related: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2013 (Live... Read more