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J Rawls and Casual (of Hieroglyphics) made an incredible video and an even better song.

J Rawls blesses us with a laid back, jazzy track and Casual spits some monster lyrics.  Check out the video for Find A New. Neither of these cats ever had mainstream success, but they both have made great contributions to hip-hop. Here's a jazzy cut from another MC whose... Read more

Ready to Go by Demrick (Young De) sounds like a joint from the late 80s. It’s just an ill drum beat and dope rhymes.

The song features Xzibit and Brevi and Scoop DeVille is on the track. Check it out. Click here to download. The track is reminiscent of something from these cats: Read more

Cooking Soul laced The Cool Kids with an ill track for the remix of Gold Links.

It's got a hard beat and samples from Eric B. and Rakim and Erick Sermon. Check out the video. And, here are the Eric B. and Rakim and Erick Sermon joints. Read more

Moe Green kicks a few verses over a track from The Weeknd. Check out the video for 707. Click here to download.  And, if you haven't downloaded The Weeknd House of Balloons album, you can listen to the whole thing and download it below.  The track Moe Green used is called Glass Table Girls. Download Mixtape... Read more

Freddie Gibbs and Dom Kennedy jump on a classic Ice Cube track on There They Go.

This is from a new Freddie Gibbs mixtape, F**kin' With Fred, which you can listen to and download below. Click here to download There They Go.  Here's the Ice Cube joint: And, here's the Gangsta Gibbs mixtape: Download Mixtape... Read more

Royce Da 5’9″ + DJ Premier = FIRE. They first linked up in 2002. Here’s their latest collabo.

Check out Second Place.  The Nickel Nine is busy this year.  In addition to his Bad Meets Evil album with Eminem (click here for their new song with Slaughterhouse), He's dropping a solo joint later this Summer.  Be on the lookout for Success is Certain. Click here to download.  Here's... Read more

Kidz in the Hall have been doing it BIG for years but they have never made it big.

They will get their chance starting Sunday as their new reality web series, Here Now, debuts Sunday on and  They also have a new album, Occasion, dropping later this Summer.  Here's a new video from Occasion, which features a trailer for Here Now, at the end.  Check out... Read more

Kids These Days are a dope hip-hop BAND. They have a hot spitter, guitar, trombone, saxophone, drums and more…

Check out their new video called Summerscent. Click here for more Kids These Days.  And, speaking of hip-hop bands, these cats were one of the first (and no, it's not The Roots). Read more

Here’s some new J. Cole. This is one of the hottest joints he’s been on in a while.

You might recognize the beat from this sick Side Effekt beat we posted a while ago, called The Essence.  We actually asked who you thought would rock the hardest on the track...Looks like Cole answered that....Check out How High. Click here to download.... Read more

After 20 years, Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxx is still murdering MCs.

He and Noreaga go IN on this vintage Statik Selektah track.  Check out Lyrical Workout. Click here to download.  And, if you forgot (or never knew) how Freddie Foxx/Bumpie Knuckles used to kill 'em, check out this classic from him and KRS-One (stream only--click here to buy it).... Read more

Diz Gibran has been dropping some burners lately.

His last joint, The Return, was so tight, it was the lead off on our latest mix.  This latest song  is called Slick.  Diz's flow on the track is reminiscent of the late, great Big L.  Check it out. Click here to download.  Peep the Big L comparison: Read more

Rapper Big Pooh and WarrenJae spit some flame on a track with a funked up riff on the Herb Alpert bass line featured on Biggie’s Hypnotize.

Check out Live. Click here to download Live.  This is from WarrenJae's solid mixtape, titled The Dreamcatcher, which you can listen to and download here.  Here's the Biggie joint: And, here's Herb Alpert's original, Rise (the sample kicks in around 3:15): Read more

Talib Kweli blesses Clyde Carson with a verse on U & I. The track has a funky laid back West Coast feel to it.

Check it out. Click here to download.  Talib sounds good on these West Coast tracks.  Remember this one? Read more

Here’s another ill sample. Check out how Nottz flips this classic Queen track for Pusha T.

Here's the video for Pusha T's Open Your Eyes.  This is another one from Pusha T's stellar Fear of God mixtape. Here's the Queen classic: Read more

Curren$y and newcomer Celeb Forever jump on one of Lenny Kravitz’s most psychadelic soulful tracks.

Check out Alive. Click here to download.  Here's the Lenny Kravitz track: Read more

Remember the magic DMX and Swizz Beatz used to make together? Here’s a new one to add to their discography.

I'm not saying it's where they used to be, but DMX is GOING HARD like he hasn't in a looong time. Check out Get Your Money Up. Click here to download. And, in case you forgot how hard they used to go, check these out: Read more

EDO.G is back with on a vintage track from DJ Premier…it’s a perfect opportunity for a new installment of PREEM-EAR.

PREEM-EAR: EDO G "FAST LANE" It's been a minute, so if you don't recall or your new to AFH, PREEM-EAR is the column in which I break down DJ Premier tracks--many of which may not have gotten the shine they deserved.  Fast Lane is an exception because it's new AND... Read more

It takes BIG STONES to hop on a track that Jay-Z murdered back in the day, but that’s just what Pusha T did on Can I Live…

...and he kinda killed it. I'm not saying he topped or even equaled Jay, but it's hard to be mad at what Pusha did with the track. Check out the video. This is from Pusha T's Fear of God mixtape. If you missed it, click here to download.  And,... Read more

Miles Jones’ Say What has got a bouncy soulful feel to it.

It kinda reminds me of later stage Slum Village. Check it out. Click here to download.  Here's the Slum Village comparison: Read more

Kev Brown is one of those producers who has never gotten the proper level of recognition. He just dropped a new mixtape called Classic Joints that should help change that.

Best known for his incredible remix of Jay-Z's Black Album, The Brown Album, Kev specializes in beats with dirty funky bass lines (reminiscent of his brethren Pete Rock and 9th Wonder). Here's a playlist of some of the Joints from the new mixtape. The tracklist and download link are below.... Read more

ScienZe’s Song in a Glass is a nice metaphor. The track has a smooth jazzy feel to it, with vintage lyrics.

This would fit right in on a vintage Slum Village playlist.  Check out the video. Not a bad mix with something like this, right: Read more

Roy Ayers is a musical giant. His tracks have built some of the most important samples in hip-hop.

There's a documentary coming out on Roy Ayers later in the year (great year for music documentaries, btw. With the amount of his music that has been sampled over the years, Roy Ayers is one of the founding fathers of hip-hop. Here are some of his most influential tracks. Read more

Vado, Jadakiss and Ludacris take it back to the days when a track was hard drums and an even harder hand clap.

Here's Check 'Em Out. Click here to download.  Remember when these types of tracks used to be the standard for hip-hop? Check these out: Read more

There’s a reason why Big K.R.I.T.’s music is so soulful. It’s in his musical influences. Check out this interview of K.R.I.T. and see below for a sampler of some of the soul singers who influenced him.

Here's the interview: And here's the soul: Read more

Devin the Dude always keeps it 100% funky. With a Herbie Hancock-inspired track and a hook that would make Anthony Hamilton proud, Got Bills To Pay is no exception.

Check it out. Click here to download. The singer on the hook brings some of that Anthony Hamilton gravely soul music and the track sounds like it was inspired by a faster version of this (starting at 41 seconds in): And, here's some of that Anthony Hamilton goodness: Read more

This new Beastie Boys joint sounds like it would have been right at home on Paul’s Boutique.

Check out Make Some Noise. Click here to download. And here's a gem from Paul's Boutique: Read more

Planet Asia puts it DOWN on a classic Grover Washington, Jr. track.

Check out the video for Black Frost. This is the 2nd high quality drop from Planet Asia in the last few weeks. Here's the original Black Frost: Grover Washington, Jr.'s music has been sampled in hip-hop for decades. Here's Mr. Magic, another classic: As sampled by Salt-N-Pepa:... Read more

There is no one group or rapper who took the torch from the likes of Public Enemy and Ice Cube. But, there have been many who have embodied the spirits of those artists in a verse, a song or even a few albums. Self Scientific, Krondon and Freddie Gibbs are the latest to carry the baton in the video for Peaceful. Check it out. And if you forgot how Public Enemy and Ice Cube used to bring the ruckus, here are a couple of reminders. Read more

Shad kinda sounds like a cross between Murs and Asher Roth on Give You All I Can.

This one is for the backpackers.  Check it out. Click here to download.   Check the Asher Roth x Murs comparison: Read more

Here’s another Statik Selektah-produced heat rock. This one is by Action Bronson and is called Cliff Notes.

Both the production and Action Bronson's flow would make you swear this came from the late 90's. You can hear elements of Primo in the production and M.O.P. in the verses. Dopeness. Click here to download.  Speaking of M.O.P., check out this gem from back in the day: Read more

Wow. Zion I & The Grouch chopped up a classic Earth, Wind & Fire track really nicely on Victorious People.

It features Freeway & The R.O.D. Project.  Check it out. Click here to download.  Here's the Earth, Wind & Fire original: Read more

Skewby drops some knowledge on his new song Don’t Understand. Dude comes with substantive lyrics but keeps it entertaining…

...the beat is cool too. Support good music. Thematically, the first verse kinda reminds me of this gem: Read more

The Jets appreciate soulful tracks. It’s evident from the beats selected by Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy.

Pilots, the newest record from Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy, is no exception. Props to 2DopeBoyz for putting this project together. Check it out. Click here to download.  Not convinced about the soulful selections?  Check these out: Read more

Keeping it on the West Coast tip, here’s some new E-40 ft Bun B and Slim Thug.

3 legends holding it down on a funky beat. This is some OG ish.  Check out That Candy Paint. Click here to download and click here to buy the album. It's cool to hear Bun B on a verse and on the hook as a sample. Here's where E-40 got... Read more

How dope is from Dead Prez?? Dude did a song and video about putting in work…in the gym and with his diet game!

Who does that??  Him.  That's who.  This is my ANTHEM after 5 days in Austin. Check out Back On My Regimen. Yeah. It's still bigger than hip-hop for him and Dead Prez. Read more

Hollyweerd’s Yellow Pages has a mid-90’s feel to it. Imagine a Southern Souls of Mischief spitting on a Pete Rock track…

Check out the video... ...and the Pete Rock and Souls of Mischief comparisons: Read more

Keeping it on the Cali underground tip, check out Blu on WhatUWanna by Dela.

This may be Blu's best performance since Below The Heavens. Click here to download.  Here's one of my favorite joints from Below the Heavens: Read more

Two underground legends, Defari and Madlib, connect on Puro. Check out the video.

The Likwit Crew never got the props they deserved.  King Tee, Tha Alkaholiks and Xzibit were sikwidit. Here's some of that Likwit goodness: Read more

You can clearly hear the influence of Outkast in A.Dd’s music…but that’s a GREAT thing.

Check out their song Greedy. Click here to download.  Speaking of Outkast, here's a dope track from back in the day: Read more

A couple of weeks ago, Nice & Smooth dropped a new video for a song that is 22 years old. Ironically, the song is called No Delayin’.

In celebration of the video, this week's New World Auder (where Omar Akil re-arranges the tracks of an album for your listening pleasure) is of Nice & Smooth's eponymous album. NEW WORLD AUDER: NICE & SMOOTH "NICE & SMOOTH" This N.W.Aud was inspired by the 2011 flip of a classic... Read more

New EPMD??? Yeah, that’s right…and it’s to the beat of The Breaks.

Check out Don't Get Clapped. Click here to download.  And here's Kurtis Blow's The Breaks: Read more

Rapper Big Pooh got his shine earlier. Now it’s 9th Wonder and Phonte’s turn.

Check out Lil B's Base For Your Face ft Jean Grae and Phonte (RHYMING) and produced by 9th Wonder. Throw in an old Public Enemy sample and it = Fire. Click here to download. Wanna here that PE original? HERE IT IS...BAM: And, if you missed Rapper Big Pooh's... Read more

Newcomers A.Dd+’s song Slow Tempo is pretty ill. It’s got a jazzy, Freestyle Fellowship feel to it.

The flow and tempo of the track change up throughout to keep it interesting but it stays on point. Click here to download.  Here's some of that Freestyle Fellowship for you: Read more

The Kid Daytona shows some love to the West Coast by spitting on one of Dr. Dre’s classic Chronic beats.

And he brought Freddie Gibbs to keep it Gangsta.  Check out the video for Bang! Here's that Chronic intro track: Read more

Planet Asia has been putting in work for more than a decade but dude has never gotten his deserved props.

He, Zion I and Rascoe have always repped hard for the Cali underground. He's back with another banger--the soulful Boiler Makers. Respect. Planet Asia was also featured on one of my favorite joints of 2000, Critical. Check it out: Read more

Didn’t mean to leave Dom Kennedy off that list of new West Coast G’s…

Check out this behind the scenes video of him at the Key Club in LA.  It's worth it just for the James Brown soundtrack accompanying it. Speaking of the Godfather of Soul, here are some more classics of his that have shaped the sound of hip-hop. At 55 seconds:... Read more

Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy riff on Erykah Badu’s Window Seat track with Pilot Seats.

It's a good look, especially if you like Ms. Badu's version. Curren$y's JETS crew is starting to come up. Click here to download.  The original and remix versions of Window Seat were 2 of the doper videos from last year: Read more

Terrace Martin and Big Snoop Dogg come with that West Coast G-Funk–2011 style.

This is the best #puffpuffpasstuesdays release...BY FAR. Check out Keep Going. Click here to download.  Everybody knows Snoop's classics from the 90's but he's quietly had some bangers in the 00's this one: Read more

My Hu$$le by Dee Goodz is a cool hybrid. He spits over one of Aaliyah’s best tracks using Jay-Z’s flow from Can’t Knock The Hustle.

The track also features Casey Veggies and Young Scolla.  Check it out. Click here to download.  Here are the Aaliyah and Jay-Z joints: Read more