The Weeknd Releases A Stunning & Disturbing Strip Club Video Like You’ve Never Seen

Throughout his meteoric career, The Weeknd has had a penchant for disturbing and boundary pushing videos. This year alone, his visuals have centered around wrecks, explosions, immolation, murder and other mayhem. His latest is a short film for “In The Night,” and it is unsettling, even by The Weeknd’s standards.

As the song, itself, revolves around the theme of a stripper who is working under the influence of a controlling man, the video takes place primarily in a strip club. Unlike many videos, however, which use the setting as an excuse to objectify scantily clad women, little is revealed in this strip club world. The women are decked out in tasteful lingerie and, halfway through the video, they turn the tables on their males suitors in an extreme way. Artistic, but graphic violence drives the second half of the narrative, as much as sex does the first. In the end, the dancing subject of the song still protects her man at any cost. Take a look.

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