Joe Budden Discusses His Next Album & Reveals The Cover And Release Date

One of the biggest figures in 2016 Hip-Hop is Joe Budden. The Slaughterhouse veteran set the Rap world ablaze entering summer when he launched a series of lyrical missiles aimed at onetime acquaintance Drake.

That conflict stemmed from the multi-faceted brand that the Jersey City, New Jersey MC has become. In addition to a nearly 15-year professional recording career, Joe has parlayed into reality TV, podcasts, mixtapes, and league Battle Rap. After reviewing Drake’s VIEWS on his “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” program, Budden believes Drake’s mention of “pump it up” was a slick reply, referencing Joe’s breakout 2003 hit. Joe upped the ante, with several records on the offensive—while Drake fans lashed out in their own way, trespassing in Budden’s driveway for an incident gone viral. To make matters all the more delectable for the web, the next day, Joe surprisingly showed up at one of the kid’s doorstep.

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With all of that stemming from Joe simply speaking openly about VIEWS, it is now time for Budden to present his own LP to the world. Rage & The Machine is officially Joe’s fourth album. Featuring band-mate Joell Ortiz as well as longtime protege Emanny, Budden appeared with Complex News to announce his release date, and premise in this album.

“I’m Rage,” Joe told Complex’s Nadeska Alexis, regarding the title and concept. He confirmed the LP will arrive October 21, and is fully produced by AraabMuzik (Slaughterhouse, Cam’ron, Swizz Beatz). “The album’s dope. I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s different.” Of video single “Flex,” he said, “It’s a great fuckin’ song with [Fabolous] and Tory [Lanez] where Fab’ was crooning, and Tory was crooning—and I was the only rapper there, even though they’re both rappers as well. Love it.” Elsewhere in the interview, Joe praised the longevity of Fab’, who like Joe, came up through DJ Clue and Desert Storm mixtapes. “That kind of longevity is to be awarded.”

Even in promoting the first, Joe confirms a reunion with early producer Just Blaze for a Rage & The Machine 2 album. “I’m not stoppin’,” said Joe. He attributes his passion with music to his 15 year-old son. “I want to hear Hip-Hop for adults; my kid has no idea how amazing Redman is. As a young, aspiring MC/producer from New Jersey, I think that’s really important [for him],” Joe admits. At the same time, the artist who praises Audio Push believes elements of the music are intended for the young. “When I made ‘Pump It Up,’ I was 21. Maybe the music business targets you at that age. I’m lookin’ at Young M.A. now, A-Boogie—just all the young [MCs]. I can’t be mad at them bein’ young; I was young. We were all young. You gotta get old—hopefully, at some point.” In terms of how all of that relates to Rage & The Machine, Joe says, “The music sounds like a chiseled, aged, wise veteran just barring niggas to death.”

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Joe deduces that to survive in 2010s Hip-Hop, one has to maintain a few key skills. “You have to be able to rap double-time; you have to be able to do that. The Internet has made it that [cyphers have moved online]. I haven’t seen a cypher outside, just on a corner [lately]. But the people that know how to rap, I think they still need to showcase it.” Including himself in that class and alluding to Rage, he continues, “They still have to be one of those cornerstones of the culture, so that’s what I’m trying to be—until one of these niggas 16 me out the game, and that ain’t happenin’!”

In the Complex News segment, Joe skydives while a piece of second single “By Law” plays.

As for Slaughterhouse’s long awaited third full length, Joe says he just spoke with Royce 5’9″ and “We’re gettin’ back.”


The tracklist to Rage & The Machine:

1.)   “Three” (Co-produced by Illmind)

2.)   “Uncle Joe”

3.)   “Serious” f/ Joell Ortiz

4.)   “By Law” f/ Jazzy

5.)   “Flex” f/ Fabolous & Tory Lanez

6.)   “Forget”

7.)   “I Gotta Ask” (co-produced by Illmind)

8.)   “Time For Work” f/ Emanny

9.)   “Wrong One”

10.)  “I Wanna Know” f/ Stacy Barthe

11.) “Idols”