DOOM’s “Missing Notebook Rhymes” Series Appears To Be Doomed

Adult Swim has apparently ended their business relationship with DOOM as of yesterday (September 26). As a result of their canceled partnership, the Cartoon Network programming division has ceased their release DOOM’s highly anticipated “Missing Rhymes Notebook” singles series from their website.

There have been no released statements from neither Adult Swim nor DOOM’s management for their canceled partnership at press time.

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Back in early August, Adult Swim announced that beginning on August 7, MF DOOM fans were in for a new treat from the Super-villain MC who would release a new single from his archives and posted them exclusively on Adult Swim‘s website every Tuesday. They disclosed that the schedule would last for 15 consecutive weeks with 15 songs from DOOM. But on Tuesday (September 26), a multitude of DOOM fans noticed that his “Missing Notebook Rhymes” lived up to its title and mysteriously went missing, thus prematurely ending Adult Swim and DOOM’s relationship.

When fans logged onto the DOOM “Missing Notebook Rhymes” page, they noticed a crash page with an image of the KMD MC/producer with a lengthy statement filled with jargon, in DOOM-esque fashion.


As of today, DOOM fans who have clicked on the URL to the “Missing Rhymes Notebook” page have been directed to Adult Swim‘s Music section.

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This oddly ended partnership only adds more to the mystique of DOOM’s infamously elusive character. The “Missing Notebook Rhymes” single series from DOOM began with the song “Negus,” a collaboration with the late Sean Price that was also featured on his posthumous album Imperius Rex, which was also released in August. Others to follow included singles “DOOMSAYER” produced by Alchemist, a revived KMD track featuring Jay Electronica titled “True Lightyears,” the latest collaboration with Kool Keith called “Notebook 04.” Two weeks ago, DOOM also reincarnated Viktor Vaughn with a new song, “Notebook #5.”

DOOM’s business relationship with Adult Swim began in 2005 with the release of his Dangermouse-assisted project DangerDOOM. The relationship also gave fans a DOOM and Ghostface Killah DOOMSTARKS single, which caused a buzz for a long-awaited collaboration album between the two that still has yet to materialize.

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#BonusBeat: Here is the Last 7 from Ambrosia For Heads‘ Justin Hunte giving a breakdown of DOOM’s collaboration with Sean Price on “Negus.”

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