Viktor Vaughn’s Return Spells DOOM For Low Budget MCs (Audio)

It’s Tuesday, meaning that for the foreseeable future, DOOM is going to be dropping villainous verses. Today, he laces “Notebook #5” with the return of Viktor Vaughn. Heads may recall that this was one of many MF DOOM personas during one of Hip-Hop’s greatest comeback strides, in the early 2000s.

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While Madvillain, DangerDOOM, DOOMstarks (as intended anyway), along with MM…FOOD found notable label homes, V.V. was true to DOOM’s underground pivot. 2003’s Vaudeville Villain came on Sound In Color Records, with a largely unknown cast of producers (save for RJD2’s “Saliva”). Less than one year later, DOOM reprised the role for the low-key Venomous Villain. Kool Keith, part of last week’s Notebook series, would bless that project. Especially considering the first, some fans argued that these projects contained some of DOOM’s most nimble rhymes. Then, “Viktor” apparently vanished…until now.

This effort is a quick-strike with DOOM big brother-ing lesser MCs with some free A&R’ing and advice on the game.

After KMD revived, DangerDOOM leftovers are heating up, and Madvillain rumors forever swirl, is King Geedorah the next character to come back from Daniel Dumile’s fantastical world?

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#BonusBeat: An Ambrosia For Heads breakdown on just what DOOM is up to:

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