Scarface Rides Hard With The Outlawz In Search Of True Justice (Video)

Scarface and Tupac Shakur were close friends. The “Smile” collaborators are incredible artists, who climbed up the charts but took the ghetto with them. After Pac’s 1996 death, ‘Face showed tremendous loyalty to his people, including Death Row artists, Thug Life, The Outlawz Immortalz, and others. That is true through today. At the same time, ‘Face has been there to present the facts about Shakur’s life and death (especially on The Game’s “Last Time You Seen…”).

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#LastOnesLeft is the latest Outlawz album. Reduced to E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble, the New Jersey collective has suffered lots of setbacks, besides the obvious loss of Pac. Most recently, was the death of Hussein Fatal, in a high-speed auto accident in 2015. Fatal had been in and out of the group since the Death Row days, from his resistance to sign with Suge Knight’s label. When he sat out some releases, he found a home alongside Scarface at Rap-A-Lot. It was there he released his eponymous sophomore in 2002.

One of the jewels within The Outlawz’ latest is “Born Sinners.” Featuring Scarface, the video was made ahead of Fatal’s death, as he appears in the song and video. The track’s tone is dark, as the Geto Boy kicks knowledge about young Black males fighting to live past 21, avoid incarceration, and beat a system designed to hold them down. The iconic storyteller guides the listener through what happens during incarceration, and how it affects those inside and outside of the prison walls.

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Fatal, Noble, and E.D.I. harness that message. Just as ‘Face describes himself as an outlaw, Noble raps that he’s a ghetto boy. E.D.I., the spokesman of the collective for 20 years, spits a double-time verse that shows why these were more than Pac’s younger friends and family in the mid-’90s, these were Rap voices that he wanted the world to hear.

In related news, Scarface is working on an EP with DJ Quik (another Pac affiliate and Death Row alum). Meanwhile, he exclusively shared some music from his upcoming solo LP with Ambrosia For Heads.

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#BonusBeat: This TBD episode makes a strong case for Scarface as the greatest MC of all time:

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