Donald Glover’s SNL Skit Shows What A Horror Show Kanye West Has Become (Video)

Since Kanye West returned to social media in recent weeks, it has become a 24-7 news cycle for those deeming it worthy of their attention. After a lengthy hiatus from interacting with the public, West returned to Twitter with philosophical quotes by mid-April. Gearing up for a long-awaited album, Heads later learned to be multiple projects—including works with Kid Cudi and Nas. The G.O.O.D. Music founder moved the focus of his tweets from philosophy and music to an emphasis on American politics. Those who dismissed West’s 2016 political endorsement of Donald Trump as a product of his head-space ahead of a publicized hospitalization were shocked to learn that the beliefs seemingly persisted. Those following, have had no slight of suspense ever since.

Donald Glover hosted and served as the musical guest to the most recent episode of SNL. The former Community cast member and 30 Rock writer returns to NBC as a superstar with booming television, music, and film careers, all at once. The Atlanta co-creator brought his unique sense of humor to Saturday Night Live. Like his intentionally leaked Deadpool script, the jokes draw from topical pop culture events, social media, and contemporary cultural relations. In a week where ‘Ye released a revealing 90-plus-minute-interview with Charlamagne Tha God and made controversial statements about slavery on TMZ Live the same day, he seems like fitting fodder. He was.

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Glover appeared in a sketch called “A Kanye Place,” spoofing John Krasinski’s new Horror film, A Quiet Place. Donald and the cast of Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant are in the fields to evade lethal creatures, just like characters in the film. To survive, they must stay quiet. However, social media updates dealing with West’s comments, photos, and puzzling new music rattle them to their demise. Members of the circle simply cannot stay quiet when reacting to ‘Ye’s happenings. When they respond audibly, they are swept away to die at the hands of blind monsters, who can only hunt by sound.

The sketch does not poke fun at Kanye as much as it does the dependency on social media, and those wrapped up in one man’s head-space. In other words, if you don’t like something, don’t react or draw attention to it—and you. It can be a means of survival.

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Notably, Donald Glover is an A-level entertainer who uses his online accounts sparingly. This year, he leaked a spec script to FX’s Deadpool, after one report suggested that the Marvel TV series was canned due to over-commitment on Donald Glover’s part. Instead, the multi-threat focuses on the art. During his SNL night, a Solo preview (the Star Wars film starring Donald Glover) aired, and the music video to “This Is America” released.

For those curious as to how a 2018 Kanye West might react to a sketch dealing with his online antics (given his past gripes with SNL and South Park), look no further:

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#BonusBeat: For laugh-seekers, another SNL sketch starring Donald Glover:

This one, featuring A$AP Rocky, imagines Migos in therapy.