The Internet Keep On Truckin’ With Another Stone Cold Groove (Video)

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Riding the mint wave of momentum after the release of Hive Mind, which is the Los Angeles-based Funk/R&B/Soul collective’s fourth studio album, The Internet has dispensed the third set of visuals tied to the freshly unveiled project. Swiftly following up the videos for “Roll (Burbank Funk)” and “Come Over,” “La Di Da” comes in the form of an unprocessed and fun-loving look into the group’s irrefutable companionship and fondness for one another.

The Internet’s previous album, Ego Death (2015), nominated for a Grammy under the “Best Urban Contemporary Album” category, was universally praised and left for heaps of eager fans awaiting a follow-up LP. While the assembly of five (after Jameel Bruner, brother of Thundercat, departed the group of six) had established a mass of steam and enthusiasts in Ego Death, they instead decided to pursue individual projects before executing a next group step. Opting to explore un-escorted sounds, but always with the support of each other in hand, the entire group focused on their own independent musical lanes for nearly three years.

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Lead singer, Syd, released a solo R&B/Soul album titled Fin (2017), while her original Odd Future counterpart, Matt Martians (keys/vocals), dropped The Drum Chord Theory. Steve Lacy (guitar/vocals) delivered Steve Lacy’s Demo, while Christopher Smith (drums) presented Loud, and Patrick Paige II just recently put out Letters Of Irrelevance.

The Internet’s aim of reconvening and fusing their newly acquired musical maturation has led to a sharpened and refreshingly radiant sound throughout the majority of Hive Mind. The feel-good Funk emphasis and the bliss of the band being back together is visually represented in the first half of “La Di Da,” depicting a cohesive squad, showcasing their musical capability and power in numbers, but simply just jubilant in reunion.

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The final portion of the video (beginning at 3:25) sneaks in a full ninety seconds of “Wanna Be,” the eleventh track on the 57-minute, 13 song Hive Mind. More reminiscent of the R&B mood throughout 2015’s Ego Death, “Wanna Be” features a close-up of the always endearing and often-seductive Syd, enticing an interest of hers via song, “Early in the morning / She’s running through my mind again / Girl you got me wondering if we should be more than friends / Would you wanna be my girl?”

Per the dictionary, a “hive mind” is the collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions of a group of people, functioning together as a single mind. A fitting title after a three-year hiatus, The Internet, and specifically Hive Mind in its entirety are proof that while individuality and uniqueness are vital to one’s own course, often times the grandest creations come from the accumulation of multiple creative minds.

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The Internet will hit the US festival scene this summer before commencing tour with The Gorillaz in October of 2018.