Uncle Ruckus Praises Kanye West For His Stepping & Fetching (Video)

More than 27 years after Eazy-E paid a reported $4,000 to attend a White House dinner event hosted by President George H. Bush, rappers continue to enter the landmark at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. From Common to Pusha-T, past guests have caused controversies. However, few meetings have sparked the level of outcry surrounding Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday (October 11).

Wearing a “Make American Great Again” red hat and joined by Hall Of Fame running back-turned-activist Jim Brown, West spoke for more than 10 minutes to the man he controversially met with just less than two years ago, following the 2016 election. That was just days before West was admitted to UCLA Medical Center. Less than a week before a sit-down interview (in front of a ticketed audience) with Charlamagne Tha God is expected to take place in New York City, West reconnected with Trump.

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During their meeting, West called racism “an invisible wall,” he further explained his recent call to have the elected official abolish the 13th Amendment, and told attendees “I love this guy,” before hugging the Republican President.

While many in the Hip-Hop community, including past collaborators Talib Kweli and Snoop Dogg, have West’s ongoing apparent campaigning in behalf of Donald Trump, one supporter is “Uncle Ruckus.” The character from comic strip and TV series The Boondocks supports Kanye West after the latest meeting. Actor Gary Anthony Williams voiced “Ruckus” during the 55-episode-run of Aaron McGruder’s series, and he added to that role in praise of West’s White House visit.

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The character declares, “Look here, Kanye, when I saw you in that Oval Office with the greatest President anybody has ever seen, when I saw you hug him, bow down to him, tell him what a great white father figure he’s been to you and how his MAGA hats gave you superhuman strength, I thought ‘Man, there is a colored guy that I can finally respect.’ Bravo, negro. Bravo for stepping and fetching and making America great again.”

“Stepping and fetching” are tied to actor Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry, a Black actor in the 1920s and ’30s known as “Stepin Fetchit.” Perry’s roles often portrayed harmful stereotypes of Black folks to white audiences. Despite his harmful portrayals, Perry would be the first Black actor to earn a million dollars and receive a screen credit.

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At a time when Kanye West and Donald Trump’s October meeting is being unpacked in the media, “Uncle Ruckus” voice may align with many.