J.I.D. Pushes J. Cole To His Limits On A Fast & Furious Collabo (Audio)

In 20 days, Dreamville’s J.I.D. will drop his DiCaprio 2 project. The follow-up effort to 2017’s exceptional The Never Story (named one of Ambrosia For Heads’ top LPs of the year) may be the most anticipated body of work from the East Atlanta, Georgia lyricist with shape-shifting flows. Following September’s shot of “151 Rum,” Heads seem to be clamoring.

As one of J. Cole’s most exciting acts on the talent-stacked Dreamville roster, Heads have sought out a proper J.I.D. and Jermaine collaboration. While Spillage Village’s “Can’t Call It” two years ago, it was a crowded moment. “Off Deez” becomes the standout moment for the two MCs’ shared chemistry. Cole, who is careful with his features (and of course refuses them on his own recent LPs), showed support for J.I.D. in video appearances, bringing him on the road, and other ways.

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“Off Deez” is worth every bit of the wait. On a pepped-up beat from CHASETHEMONEY and Dro Fe, both MCs drop turbo-charged verses that dazzle. J.I.D. sets it off with a Gangsta Rap style: “I’m a God, I’m a king, I’m a giant / Ni**a not trying, come to my side / Eastside guy, better been mumbai / D.I.Y, T.I.Y, I’ma try, I’ma die for what I believe in / We like to feast and I try to eat, edible meat / I am not an animal, a beast / Riding with the hammer on the seat / Shotgun, shotgun, hand on my heat / Bad man, bad man, land of my freed / Young ni**a get life, let the white folks be / Online beef, not my motif /Forty-five on me, ta-ta, go sleep / Don’t mind little ole me, little OG / J.I.D, I came in on the boat, see / May I be the cold ni**a with the most heat / Ni**as know bro, you don’t know me.

Fresh off of a dazzling feature alongside Rapsody and 9th Wonder’s production, J. Cole keeps things in high-gear. Almost as if he were the new artist, the veteran uses the moment to drop a verse that refuses to confine to any 16-bar structure. An artist known for activism and powerful messages has some fun gettin’ gangsta too.

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Hey, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay / Legend out the 2-6 / Y’all know who the truth is / Crazy like a movie by the ni**a Stanley Kubrick / Perfect time to pop up / Wet you like the hot tub / Clean up on Aisle 7, damn somebody get it mopped up / Pull up on the block, eeny meeny miny moe / You and every ni**a that you know is getting popped / Walk up on a ni**a ass sitting in the box / Try’na sneak-diss, then I’m pickin’ up the Glock / I squeeze this, and I’m pickin’ up the top / Stars she kiss, yeah, I’m pickin’ all the locks / Pickin’ on a n**ga way bigger than I got / Bigger than the ni**a in Kindergarten Cop / Terminator sh*t, I’m a robot / With the chrome .45 that most don’t got / One false move, get the motherf*ckas shot / Turn a ni**a wet, so photo-opp / Click, click, click and the flows don’t stop / ‘Til I got more cream than Cold Stone got / Like a boatload, ni**a I’ma float on top.” However, even with some gun-talk, J. Cole still inserts messages into his songwriting: “‘Til the grass don’t grow and the wind don’t blow / When the po-po don’t kill ni**as no mo’ / I bought a 30-round extendo / If a ni**a wanna duck, then I’m playing duck hunting / Real life not on Nintendo / Looking out the window like Malcolm X with the rifle / Climb the steps up the Eiffel / Barely broke a bead of sweat, woah / Many hope to be the best, oh / Can not f*ck with me / J.I.D the closest thing to me.” J. Cole salutes his artist a few couplets later with the lines: “Way more than a random fling / Cole and J.I.D with a tandem / Ni**as can’t stand ’em / Got a new anthem, look at my whip / Slit at my wrist, suicide, suicide doors on my Phantom.

Using some of the same imagery, J. Cole listens to his artist. J.I.D.’s inventive, fast-rapping style seemingly inspires the Dreamville founder, who wanted to trade bars. Time will tell if this momentous collaboration gets a video. There’s plenty to see just in the lines.

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DiCaprio 2 will arrive on November 26 via Dreamville/Interscope Records. Songs by J.I.D. and Cole are currently on AFH‘s official playlist.