DreamDoll Becomes Tory Lanez’ Nightmare With A Savage Diss

Over the last two months, Toronto, Ontario’s Tory Lanez has been warring with more rappers than most—and it is all by choice. The singer/rapper closed 2018 with a multi-round battle with Joyner Lucas, sparked by some commentary on Instagram Live. Then, as the Rap community reacted to the song-for-song competition, Tory landed in a short-but-shocking conflict with Royce 5’9, who publicly told a fan that he saw his “Wrote My Way Out (Remix)” collaborator, Joyner Lucas, as the victor. That incident lasted less than 48 hours.

However, Lanez is far from done ruffling feathers.

This week, Tory has issued a social media challenge, declaring himself “the best rapper alive” and warning peers “I will body any of y’all ni**as out. Period!”

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Some developments ensued. Tory promoted a battle against Dreamville’s J.I.D., Cozz, and Bas. He claimed that if he won, he deserved a face-off with label founder J. Cole. He also mentioned Pusha-T. J.I.D. dismissed those claims and poked fun at Lanez on social media.

However, one of the first artists to respond to the remarks is Don Q. The Bronx, New York MC and Atlantic Records artist released “I’m Not Joyner.” The song attacked Lanez’ hairline, accused him of copying his rapping style, and said that he’s the wrong street guy to mess with. In less than 48 hours, Tory responded with “Don Queen.” The Interscope star made light of Don’s inability to get a CD in stores, poked fun at his car, and threatening violence at the High Bridge artist. However, he also involved a peer, DreamDoll, and unpacked some alleged “locker-room talk.” “Hottest of the century, why did he go up against me? / I show ni**as love and hatred ni**as wanna throw back / He tempted me but never had this energy for Kodak / You paid DreamDoll for a feature to get the p*ssy / And somehow you think you f*ckin’ with me / The first night I seen DreamDoll I f*cked her for free / And now you walk around like somehow you got one up on me,” Tory spits, bragging about his exploits. Both diss tracks achieved more than a million streams.

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Two days later, DreamDoll is not having it. The Bronx, New Yorker who has appeared on Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption and Love & Hip-Hop New York swung back at Tory in a major way. “On Ya Head” gives ‘Doll the last word in Tory’s reported sex-ploits, and she may have put the belligerent artist in his place more than Don, Joyner, or anybody else thus far.

DreamDoll uses 50 Cent and Young Buck’s “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” instrumental (as produced by Ron Browz) to do damage, and makes “I’ll put that p*ssy on ya head” her operative phrase. From the get-go, the song goes for Tory’s throat with real-life, embarrassing accounts of their tryst. “The same night I met Tory, had him eatin’ my box / Eatin’ my ass, he tried to suck my feet through my socks / Don’t ever say my name on no record, you try’na get props / ‘Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps,” she begins, before quickly accusing Lanez of using Bigen hair-dye to hide the lines that Don and others have clowned. She says she knows he uses the cover-up because her thighs were stained after oral sex.

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She accuses Tory of wanting a threesome with a third male partner. “And that’s word to my mother, ni**a / Only ni**a I ever f*cked that wanted a threesome with another ni**a (no cap) / Yeah, you heard right, another ni**a / That lean havin’ you lean-fiendin’, you buggin’, ni**a.” She also accuses Tory of being an attention-seeker and accuses him of “sucking” Drake ever since his former nemesis added him to a tour run.

She further dismisses the rapper with these bars: “Had the wooden Jesus piece, Master Splinter, ni**a /  And the worst part is I used to dig this ni**a / You was wearin’ off-brands, I had to drip this ni**a / Oh, you got a hairline now? I’ll clip this ni**a / I put the p*ssy where your wig is, ni**a, no lie / Now you all ‘CC this’ and ‘CC that’ / But if you ever CC Dream’, just bring some facts / And that’s that, let’s let CC live / But since you won’t see-see sh*t / You know the vibe, suck my d*ck / I bet I got you feelin’ gaudy now / You f*ck with Meek and Cas’ so you cuzzy now / Sh*t is gettin’ fuzzy now / You ToryNextDoor or Bryson Lanez? / Ni**a, you Daystar Peterson, a f*ckin’ lame / I turn dreams to nightmares, you f*ckin’ playin’? / I never f*cked my bro Don, the f*ck you sayin’? / And Game talkin’ ’bout Kim K, you talkin’ ’bout me / Clout chasin’ at a high, I never thought it would be / P*ssy so bomb he tried to put a body on me / Can’t even like a ni**a no more and f*ck him for free.” She brings in The Game’s recent listening session snippet that boasted, in no shortage of details, about a past sexual incident with Kim Kardashian.

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Tory Lanez has not yet reacted to the diss.

In 2018, DreamDoll released Life In Plastic 2. The album features Lil’ Kim.