Pusha-T Finally Has An Opponent That Breaks Him

Pusha-T is a fierce competitor within Hip-Hop. From his 20-plus years of releasing music to his beefs to his business acumen, Push’ seemingly hates to take an L. However, the Virginia native was willing to put it all on the line for a recent episode of Hot Ones. After admitting that Texas Pete’s sauce is his typical threshold for spice, the G.O.O.D Music President sat down with Sean Evans for 10 wings—most of which go well beyond the typical grocery store condiment aisle.

Along the 10 sauce journey, Evans asks Pusha about an early recording studio owned by The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. Pusha states why early 1990s Acura coupes and G-Shock watches are classic but why oversized throwback jerseys have permanently fallen to the wayside. Push’ also prides himself on being a forefather of the work-wear fashion trend.

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The interview gets spicy. After the 10:00-mark, Sean Evans points out how after the Clipse earned their early fans in the hustling community, the group would survive through performances to audiences that the host labels as “hipsters.” Pusha-T admits that the change was difficult at first. He eventually learned to embrace the crowd—which he dubbed “Clipsters.” “They understood, and they read deeper into the lyrics than just coke,” says the artist who recently released single “Diet Coke.” “Those days, those times, and that audience really helped shape everything that’s going on today,” says the artist who earned a Grammy nomination for 2018’s DAYTONA, which Kanye West produced.

Evans then asks Pusha-T about Rap beef today versus 20 years ago and why winning matters. “It’s really corporate now,” the MC responds. “Now, you’ll have a Rap beef, and a record label gets involved. And the CEO is like, ‘Hold on; you can’t do this to my artist.'” Notably, Pusha-T backed up that sentiment this month when he dissed McDonald’s on behalf of fast-food competitor Arby’s. Push’ has made money working on ad campaigns for both companies throughout his career. “I don’t think [losing battles or beefs] ends careers anymore, ’cause people don’t have the same pride level about the art.” He adds that “Back in the day, it was career-ending.”

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Pusha-T still abstains from water, milk, or soda to cool his palette through seven sauces. Facing Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity sauce, Push’ has a visceral reaction before grabbing the milk. As Pusha guzzles milk, grape soda, and water, Evans reveals that #7 was, in fact, the spiciest wing “by miles and miles and miles.” Even still, Pusha-T moves to ice cream and finishes the interview.

He sings the praises of “You Can’t Stop The Reign” as one of his favorite songs. He also insists that Clipse LP Hell Hath No Fury was made without one single compromise. He says, “I don’t think we thought about anything other than making the hardest, hardest record. It was a tough time, but it made for a great, great album.”

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#BonusBeat: Pusha-T’s new single is currently included on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist: