Mickey Factz Freestyles Over Jadakiss’ Classic Like He Owns It

Veteran New York MC Mickey Factz has had a busy 2022. Just over one week ago, the Bronx lyricist partnered with producer Ayo Shamir to self-release It’s Only Us Here, an album that features Sy Ari Da Kid and others. Earlier in the year, the artist assembled the conceptual Black History With Factz collection of songs that provide information about Black legends across mediums as well as dazzling wordplay.

With that in mind, Mickey also co-founded Pendulum Ink, an organization that touts itself as among the first schools for “lyricism and Hip-Hop.” After reportedly turning down a Master Class offer, Factz and Chilla Jones launched the education platform with professors experienced in songwriting, finance, Battle Rap, music theory, and more. Per a press release, artists reportedly involved in the school range between Pharoahe Monch and Twista to Big K.R.I.T. and Ab-Soul, as well as involvement from D.M.C., Lord Finesse and Wordsworth.

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To promote his movements, one of the exciting freestylers in Hip-Hop stops by The LA Leakers show. He begins rapping over JAY-Z’s “Encore” (as produced by Kanye West). “I’m on the mic like Dolemite / Comin’ out your YouTube screen like the Poltergeist / Over-hype when I’m on the flight overnight / Ain’t never in the red—I feel it’s an oversight,” he spits, displaying compound rhymes and top-notch wordplay. Justin and Sour Milk recreate the “Hova” chants in favor of Factz while demanding another verse during the guest’s first Leakers verse in nearly five years.

That verse happens, with Factz taking on Jadakiss and Styles P’s “We Gonna Make It” (as produced by Alchemist). Mickey knew the beat was coming. He flips the early 2000s anthem into a concept. “Wall Street trap sh*t,” he proclaims at the top. “‘Cause when my man came home he went and learned the market and got a bag quick / While you put in calls to get a cash flip, I be doin’ ‘puts and calls to get a fast lick / And that’s the only option, here’s the last tip: / Only invest what you can afford and that’s it.” The onetime Battle Rap contender sells his delivery with physical demonstrations.

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He closes with emphasis: “The New York slogan ‘We run the weed game,’ it’s still ours / Power real that’s incredible, just milk sour / Let me reverse that for the little browsers / Sour Milk, Justin Credible, that’s real power / 105.1, had to reverse it, whatever / But next time I might just say it a little louder,” he spits—weaving in the hosts and the Los Angeles, California radio station. He then wraps up the year in a rap: “I can’t believe Coolio gone / He in the gangsta’s paradise with the studio on / Him and PnB Rock is probably doin’ a song / Rest in peace while we musically mourn.” He then offers wordplay to reference Coolio’s Grammy-winning song collaborator L.V., Louis Vuitton, and the Roman numeral all at once. He also offers some rare biographical info about the hosts, before adding the fact the helped take an early chance on the LA Leakers back in the day.

Mickey adds razor-sharp lyricism to a bonafide classic in one of 2022’s closing entries to best freestyle. Previously, Factz worked with Styles P on his 2016 song “Vs.,” which premiered at Ambrosia For Heads.

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#BonusBeat: In 2021, AFH‘s What’s The Headline podcast interviewed Mickey Factz and Blu for their Nottz-produced The Narrative EP: