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Vic Mensa Holds Nothing Back On His New Single. The Autobiography Is Personal (Audio)

Life is too short to listen to bad music. So...let AFH fight through it for you and only supply you with that great stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, is better than it's ever been. Not only are we able to go back and... Read more

Vic Mensa Combines Freestyling & Freedom Fighting (Video)

Last week, Vic Mensa released his first project since inking with Jay Z's Roc Nation imprint. The Chicago, Illinois MC's seven-song EP, There's Alot Going On is making its rounds in the first 72 hours. Thereby, the onetime front man of Kids These Days hit HOT 97's Ebro In The... Read more

Vic Mensa Gets Everything Off Of His Chest On A Charged Track (Audio)

Vic Mensa does not ever go quietly. The Roc Nation MC premiered "Danger" during the Madison Square Garden Yeezy Season 3 showcase on Thursday (February 11). The song has a chip on its shoulder that explains why Mensa and Kanye West works so well together. On a jarring creation by... Read more

Vic Mensa & Kanye West Make ‘Em Mad, But They Love It Though (Video)

Vic Mensa is hitting 2015's midpoint on a whole other level from where he started. The Save Money MC/vocalist went from Kids These Days to a Roc Nation solo deal in no easy steps. He made groundbreaking music, and Rap's elite took notice. While Jay Z inked Vic, Kanye West... Read more

Skills Trump Luck…Vic Mensa Signs To Roc Nation

Vic Mensa is having an incredible last 12 months. Since INNANETTAPE two years ago, the Chicago, Illinois MC/musician has released a hit video single in "Down On My Luck," released two songs with Kanye West, and now, he's signed to one of the music industry's premiere labels. Today (April 21)... Read more

Donnie Trumpet & Chance the Rapper Deliver Some Colorful Sunday Candy (Video)

Donnie Trumpet & Chance the Rapper have made a colorful visual for their joyous and Gospel-tinged "Sunday Candy." The artists are collaborating under the name The Social Experiment, and the song is from their Surf album. Both natives of Chicago, Donnie and Chance have been working together for years. As... Read more

Some Unreleased Vic Mensa Surfaces on the Heels of His SNL Debut (Audio)

Vic Mensa's having quite a week. With the world television stage on "SNL40" (well, those not watching the NBA All-Star Game), Mensa joined Sia and Kanye West for a highly-stylized, deeply choreographed performance of "Wolves." With folks running to their social media to ask more about the versatile MC/singer with... Read more

Vic Mensa Says “Post-Racial Society” Is A Lie, Details Traffic Sound (Video)

While performing recently in Canada, Chicago, Illinois' Vic Mensa swung through Montreality. During the signature interview chronicling everything from video games to academic life, fetishes to romantic gestures, Vic opens up about his Traffic album. Around the 3:40 mark, the Save Money star declares that his full-length will be, in... Read more

Vic Mensa Releases One of the Best Music Videos of the Year (Video)

Vic Mensa is a machine. With many styles in his repertoire, the Kids These Days MC turned star soloist released two different looks in one day. Accompanying longtime collaborator Donnie Trumpet on the Bluesy Jazz-influenced "Pasadena," Mensa also released the pepped-up Hip-House visual to his "Down On My Luck." Think... Read more

Chicago’s Musical Renaissance Is So Colorful. Donnie Trumpet & Vic Mensa Are Blue For Pasadena (Video)

Chicago has long been a musical crossroads for Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, and even Hip-Hop. Where East meets West, at Lake Michigan, is both a collection and a tributary of so many things. In Hip-Hop's recent years, this is especially true. Two such artists are Donnie Trumpet and Vic... Read more

Even in 2010 Vic Mensa Was a Razor Sharp Lyricist. Here’s Proof…(Audio)

For new artists, a lot can change from the time you start making noise to your breakthrough. While Vic Mensa has the Kids These Days years to point back to, he's been plugging away at solo records for sometime. With the release of an Innanet Tape package that should greatly... Read more

Vic Mensa – Time Is Money ft Rockie Fresh & Beldina

Vic Mensa gets one of the biggest looks to date, with Boi-1da & The Maven Boys production. "Time Is Money" sounds like its name: cocky and confident, with Maybach Music Group's Rockie Fresh on the assist, along with Beldina. The Kids These Days front-man is part of the West Coast... Read more

Kids These Days – Bud Billiken

Kids These Days revisited Flashing Lights this Summer and killed it. Now they take on Crucial Conflict's Hay and put their spin on it (full band and all). Hotness. Check out Bud Billiken. Related: Kids These Days – Who Do U Luv (Audio)... Read more

Kids These Days – Who Do U Luv

Kids These Days are an incredibly dope full hip-hop band, complete with guitars, drum, horns and an MC with skills. Here's their latest--a bluesy rock joint called Who Do You Luv. Check it out below. Related: Kids These Days - Flashing Lights (Video)... Read more

Mick Boogie – Represent the Stripes (Mixtape)

Here's a new mixtape from Mick Boogie (in partnership with HypeTrak) in celebration of the upcoming Olympics. It features music from Slum Village, Action Bronson, Kids These Days, Rapper Big Pooh and more. You can listen to and download the entire mixtape below. Related: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie... Read more

Kids These Days – Flashing Lights (Video)

Here's the video for Kids These Days' complete re-invention of Kanye West's Flashing Lights. As mentioned before, the talented hip-hop band flipped it and made the song a brooding story about police harassment. Check it out. Related: Kids These Days - Hard Times featuring Casey Veggies & Asher Roth... Read more

Kids These Days – Flashing Lights

Here's a pretty epic re-take on Kanye West's vintage track Flashing Lights. It's done by the dope up and coming hip-hop band, Kids These Days. Aside from adding live instrumentation and rocking out on the track, they added new lyrics tackling police harassment. Ill. Check it out below. Props: 2DBZ... Read more

Kids These Days on Tour (Video)

Here's some behind the scenes footage of Kids These Days that also features some looks at them in concert and a hilarious ending. These kids got talent. Check out the video. Read more

Kids These Days – Hard Times ft Casie Veggies and Asher Roth

Here's a new song from Kids These Days (dope hip-hop band--with a full brass section) featuring Asher Roth and Casie Veggies. Check out Hard Times.... Read more

Kids These Days – Clear Eyes (Video)

I got hip to Kids These Days about a year ago and instantly became a fan.  I still haven't heard anything that disappointed me.  They are a multi-cultural hip-hop band that performs with live instruments (including a horn section).  Here's a new video from them called Clear Eyes.  Check it... Read more

Kids These Days are a dope hip-hop BAND. They have a hot spitter, guitar, trombone, saxophone, drums and more…

Check out their new video called Summerscent. Click here for more Kids These Days.  And, speaking of hip-hop bands, these cats were one of the first (and no, it's not The Roots). Read more

Kids These Days…are really dope. Like The Roots, they are a true hip-hop band. Check out their video for Darling. Here's another one from them called My Days: Read more