Dr. Dre & LL Cool J Have Recorded More Than 40 Songs Together (Audio)

Dr. Dre rarely grants interviews. He admits it, and adds that he does not enjoy talking about himself in public. Since 2017's The Defiant Ones documentary on HBO, Andre Young has participated little in the way of press, beyond product or album promotion. If there is one Rap peer who... Read more

LL Cool J Is Victorious In Lawsuit Against Rock The Bells Festival

It has been more than five years since the Rock The Bells music festival transpired. 2013's affair ended abruptly, citing poor sales before canceling the East Coast dates. However, starting in 2007, the traveling event was a major showcase for Hip-Hop talent in all facets. Headliners between '07 and '13... Read more

Eminem Becomes LL Cool J’s Stan In A Conversation Between Two GOATs (Audio)

Eminem tends to offer impassioned anecdotes when crediting his multiple Rap music influences. For the first episode of LL Cool J's new show, The Influence Of Hip-Hop on Sirius XM's Rock The Bells Radio channel, Eminem tells LL that he is one of the main reasons that he began rapping as a child. "I... Read more

LL Cool J Couldn’t Live Without His Radio. Now He’s Getting His Own Station.

LL Cool J's debut album Radio released 32 years ago this weekend (November 18, 1985). The Def Jam Records classic featured the pride of Farmers Boulevard rapping about women in his life, his promises of Rap stardom, and telling other MCs why they were inferior in so many ways. Radio... Read more

LL Cool J’s Radio Turns 30. Watch His 1st Ever Interview & Other Early Moments (Video)

Thirty years ago today (November 18), LL Cool J released his debut album Radio and launched not only one of Hip-Hop's most enduring careers, but also one of its most iconic record labels in Def Jam Recordings. While the company that Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin built had released prior... Read more

DJ Cash Money & DJ Scratch Rock The Bells, With Some Biz Markie Hilarity (Video)

Although he made one classic Hip-Hop single, Philadelphia's DJ Cash Money is a turntable innovator to the highest degree. Along with DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinbad, and DJ Code Money, Cash ushered in a Philly dominance in the scratching and mixing in the mid-late 1980s that's still up there with... Read more

Common Discusses the New Era of Chicago MC’s Like Chance the Rapper, Chief Keef and More (Video)

Seeing that he's one of most respected veterans in the game, it's always dope to hear what Common has to say on different topics when it comes to Hip-Hop. He recently sat down during a Rock The Bells show and discussed topics ranging from his never ending love for music,... Read more

Big K.R.I.T. Discusses Rock the Bells and Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. discusses his experiences at Rock the Bells, his reaction to Kendrick Lamar's Control verse and more. Check out the video. Related: Big K.R.I.T. - Just Last Week ft Future (Audio)... Read more

The History of Rock the Bells: A 10 Year Retrospective (Video)

When a festival’s debut features the entire Wu-Tang Clan as headliners (after a lengthy crew tour hiatus), it’s probably safe to say that it's made for fans, by fans. Fast forward to the year 2013, and almost an entire decade has flew by since Guerilla Union's Rock The Bells Festival... Read more

Nas performs DJ Khaled’s Hip-Hop live at Rock the Bells (Video)

Nas brought out Scarface during his set at Rock the Bells last night. Face ran through My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me and Guess Who's Back, and he and Nas ended with their instant classic duet Hip-Hop. Check out the footage below. Related: Nas - Bye Baby (Video)... Read more

Method Man & Redman perform Cereal Killer at Rock the Bells (Video)

Here's a video or Redman and Method Man performing Cereal Killer live (supposedly for the first time ever). The footage is low fi but you get a good sense of the experience. Check it out below. Related: Redman - Bridging the Gap (Audio)... Read more

DJ Quik performs at Rock the Bells 2012 (Video)

DJ Quik performed at Rock The Bells for the first time ever tonight. If you missed it, you can watch his entire set below. Related: A playlist celebrating the 20+ year career of DJ Quik (Audio)... Read more

Rock The Bells 2012 Live Stream (Video)

Day 2 of Rock the Bells is taking place right now in California. Here's a live stream of the event. Today's acts include Big Daddy Kane (2:15 PST), DJ Quik (4pm PST), Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (6:30 PST), E-40 & Too Short (7:20 PST), Ice Cube (8:40 PST) and Nas (9:30 PST).... Read more

J. Cole performs I’m A Fool at Rock the Bells (Video)

J. Cole did a new song called I'm a Fool last night at Rock the Bells. You can watch the entire performance as well as him performing Can't Get Enough below. Related: J. Cole - The Cure... Read more

DJ Quik speaks on joining the 2012 Rock the Bells tour (Video)

DJ Quik is part of Rock the Bells this year for the first time ever. Check out what he had to say about that, working with Murs, growing as an artist and more below. Related: DJ Quik mini-documentary (Video)... Read more

DJ Quik & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony perform at the Rock the Bells 2012 Launch Party (Video)

Here's some dope footage of DJ Quik and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony performing at the Rock the Bells 2012 Launch Party. Quik performs Tonight and Bone does Foe Tha Love of $. Check out the video below. Related: DJ Quik mini-documentary (Video)... Read more

Nas headlined Rock The Bells in NYC. Here’s a video playlist that gives a taste of his performance. You’ll see Represent, Made You Look, It Ain’t Hard to Tell, The World Is Mine, If I Ruled the World, Live at the BBQ, Nas is Like and more.

Rock the Bells touched down in NYC on Saturday. Several iconic artists blessed the stage including Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Mobb Deep, Black Star, Black Moon, Raekwon & Ghostface and more. Nasty Nas had the headlining spot. Here's a playlist of many of his performances. You'll see Represent, Made You... Read more

Common speaks on the making of his classic album Be including working with the legendary J. Dilla for the last time. Check it out.

Common's installment of the Classic Albums by Classic Artists series may be the best one yet.  He gives a lot of behind the scenes details on the making of Be.  He discusses tracks like The Food and The Corner in depth and speaks about the last time he ever worked... Read more

Here’s a video playlist inspired by the Rock The Bells festival. You’ll find videos from Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface, Black Star, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Cypress Hill, Souls of Mischief, Common and more. Check it out.

The Rock the Bells festival inspired the Reebok Classic Albums by Classic Artists series and it has inspired this playlist. This year's festival has an insane lineup of Nas, Cypress Hill, Black Starr, Mobb Deep, Souls of Mischief, Raekwon, Ghostface, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Common and many of today's up... Read more

Mobb Deep – Classic Albums By Classic Artists: The Infamous (Video)

Here's another breakdown of a classic album by a classic artist. This installment features Prodigy talking about The Infamous. He speaks on the music used to create the samples on the album as well as how Havoc became the principal producer. Check it out. Again, props to Reekbok for this... Read more

Raekwon Speaks on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

This is installment #2 in a dope series Reebok has done in conjunction with Rock The Bells. #1 was Lauryn Hill discussing The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Now, it's Raekwon's turn to discuss his hip-hop classic. Rather than discuss the whole album, he focuses on how Nas got involved with... Read more