Black Thought Says He Is The Hip-Hop People’s Champ In A League Of His Own

One week ago, Black Thought released the second installment of his Streams Of Thought album series. Salaam Remi, the Queens, New Yorker recognized for his extensive work with Amy Winehouse and Nas, produces this new project. Ahead of the release, Tariq Trotter released the visual to "Conception," featuring his singing... Read more

Tish Hyman Shows Sometimes Great Beauty Can Come From Great Pain (Video)

From T.I. to Above To The Law, Murs to Maino, "hustling" is a popular theme in music. It can mean many things, but you'll hear the term—incessantly, from lyrics to interview soundbites. Singer Tish Hyman's single "All That I Can Do" is also about hustling—for survival. She delivers pained vocals,... Read more

Tish Hyman Has Co-Signs From The Roots, Kanye & More For Good Reason. She Tells Her Story

Over the last 18 months, Tish Hyman has emerged as one of the most promising voices in years. The talented singer, songwriter and MC has earned the respect of Alicia Keys, The Roots, Kanye West, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, Fabolous and more, not to mention countless new fans. She also... Read more

Tish Hyman’s Striking Soul & Flow Are Reminiscent of Lauryn Hill In The Best Ways (Audio)

Bronx, New York native MC/singer Tish Hyman made a lot of noise in 2015 as the first female to conquer Sway In The Morning's "5 Fingers Of Death." More than just accepting the freestyle challenge, Tish bodied five beats and made a fast name for herself, amidst some new circles.... Read more

The Best Freestyles of 2015 Left Heads Spinning and Microphones Smoking (Video)

In Hip-Hop, there are few things more exciting than watching an MC get on the mic and spit a freestyle. The definition of the word "freestyle" has been fluid over the years. Originally, the term was used to denote any rhyme, written or off the top, that was not about... Read more

Dom Kennedy Releases a True Hip-Hop Love Song (Audio)

When's the last time you heard a Hip-Hop love song? Not a song about a conquest, but one with courtship and true complimentary words about the object of the artist's affection? Some come to mind, like The Roots' "Silent Treatment," dead.prez's "Mind Sex" and Common's "The Light." And, of course,... Read more

This Will Make You Think Twice the Next Time You Walk By Someone Down on Their Luck (Video)

Tish Hyman has the kind of voice that penetrates souls. Part Stevie Wonder and part Roberta Flack, with a dash of Lauryn Hill, Hyman's vocals are filled with the type of raw and honest emotion that is rare these days--so much so that it's instantly stirring. Her song "Subway Art"... Read more