Masta Ace Says To KRS-One & MC Shan About Their New Battle: “Please, No More” (Video)

Last month, in a surprising move, MC Shan launched a full-scale verbal attack against KRS-One, re-igniting their 30-year old “Bridge Wars” rivalry that most thought had long been settled. Shan and KRS put what was one of Hip-Hop’s earliest and most high profile battles to rest years ago, and have since become friends, even touring together. However, after KRS recently claimed at a show that he unquestionably was the victor in the “Bridge Wars,” Shan claimed he was tired of hearing that and challenged Kris to a head to head battle, something that, despite several diss records that were traded in the late 80s, never took place.

MC Shan Challenges KRS-One To Settle The Bridge Wars Once & For All…With A Battle (Audio)

What may have started off as some fun between friends (and what may still be the case), Shan’s words quickly grew sharper and turned into action by way of his release of 4-minutes of blistering battle bars aimed directly at KRS. Never one to shy away from confrontation (verbal or otherwise), Kris responded in kind with the brutal response record, “S.H.A.N. (Still Huggin’ A Nut).” Taking it one step further, KRS recently said in an interview that if he and Shan were to actually battle, it would be the end of Shan.

MC Shan Spits 4 Minutes Of Battle Bars With Shots Aimed Directly At KRS-One’s Head (Audio)

As fans know, the Bridge Wars were far from contained between KRS and Shan. Their battle drew in members of their respective cliques, Boogie Down Productions and The Juice Crew. Masta Ace was one of the members of the latter, and he recently spoke with Watchloud about the newly rekindled beef. “I want no parts of any of it. I want it to stop. Chris, please, Shan, please. Stop. The battle happened a long time ago. It was a good battle. We liked it. Please, no mas,” said Ace. Also, in a move that likely would have never happened 30 years ago, Ace seemingly acknowledged that KRS had once again gotten the better of Shan, calling KRS’ “S.H.A.N.” record “a pretty crushing blow.”

KRS-One Responds To MC Shan’s Battle Bars With A Brutal Diss Record (Audio)

Masta Ace also goes on to express his puzzlement about why Shan sparked up the beef again in the first place, saying “There is a video for KRS performing in Atlanta and Shan is on stage with him. This happened ten or twelve years ago. KRS is performing ‘The Bridge Is Over’ on stage with Shan doing ad-libs. Once that happens it’s officially squashed when you get on stage to perform with a guy who is dissing you and you’re doing ad-libs…once that happens it’s squashed. It’s over.” Watch what he had to say, in full, above.