Drake Accuses Pusha-T Of Snitching In A New Song Celebrating The Raptors

Just over 48 hours after his beloved Toronto Raptors earned their first NBA championship, Drake delivered new music as promised. Throughout the basketball playoffs, the music superstar had a hard time staying on the sidelines. Instead, the OVO founder seemingly always wanted in on the action. From controversial exchanges with Steph Curry and Draymond Green during the Finals to public celebrations in his hometown, Drake was big on antics. Perhaps as “The North” feels validated on one of the biggest stages in sports, it is only right that Aubrey Graham is right there in stride. For the last decade, Drizzy represented his city and all of Canada with a championship spirit. Over much of that time, he’s pledged himself to this team.

Drake’s new music is from this perspective. The Best In The World Pack is a two-song collection marking the MC/singer’s first campaign in 2019. Last year, Drake dropped Scorpion, a double-album that earned the artist his fourth Grammy Award and second “Best Rap Song” trophy for “God’s Plan.” Back in February, Drake was in the room with Pusha-T—after years of skipping the ceremony. In 2018, these long beefing artists took things to new heights.

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Approximately one year ago, Push’ closed his Grammy-nominated DAYTONA with “Infrared,” a Kanye West-produced lambasting indictment on Drake as a cheater and a fraud, likening his victories to Russian collusi*n in the 2016 election. Seemingly instantly, Drake verbally retaliated on “Duppy Freestyle,” mentioning Push’s then-fiancée (now wife) Virginia Williams in his lyrics. The Clipse co-founder went nuclear in “The Story Of Adidon,” a song that among many scathing att*cks, not only told the world that Drake was a father, but more specifically, “a de*dbeat dad.” Just ahead of Father’s Day 2018, and Scorpion, it was not a time of celebration in camp OVO. In the aftermath of the exchange, Drake’s parenthood was outed, an Adidas rollout was permanently destroyed, and casu*lties entered the feud including Kanye West, Noah “40” Shebib, and even once-feared Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince.

In 2019, there appears to be no new resolve to these matters. The Grammy Awards offered no significant new ink to the storyline. The issues linger. However, just over one day after Pusha releases poignant new music in the year alongside Benny The Butcher, Drizzy refuses to shake hands with any of his current opponents, even if he feels as though he has won. The bars on “Omertà” present a warrior still very much in b@ttle.

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“Omertà” takes its name from the mob’s code of silence—a 16th Century “stop snitching” mantra. “Look at my history  / I’m trying to see what’s different from that guy and the richer me / The only thing I see is custom owls from Tiffany / And some gunnas that’ll hit you outta nowhere, like epiphany / Really that’s it to me / Aside from the obvious, man, it changes in scenery / Testing me gon’ have my ni**as testing machinery / They say that they happy, my man, that’s not how they seem to be / The boy, he wild and peaceful, rest in peace Teena Marie / Ethics and values, mob traditions, old fashioned / Monopoly action,” begins Drake, weaving in threats with questions of others’ moods. He then mentions Lebron James’ real estate ventures. In 2018, Drake was his most candid surrounding the Pusha beef while on ‘Bron’s The Shop. On that HBO stage, he also detailed why (and how) longtime collaborator Kanye West betrayed him.

In the first minute, Drake gets to the crux while mincing no words. “Last year, ni**as really feel like they rode on me / Last year, ni**as got hot ’cause they told on me / I’m ’bout to call the bluff of anybody that fold on me / I’m buying the building of every door that closed on me.” The toaster moves into “your girl” talk and says he is aware of his enemies texting one another. Last October also saw Pusha-T provide a revealing interview to The Joe Budden Podcast just days after The Shop appearance, merging two longtime foes of the OVO MC.

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Coming back to his point about the veneers of happiness, Drake charges, “Keeping my connections strictly physical / Everyone that’s married is miserable / I know that that is not a lifestyle I can give into / The rise to the top of this mountain has been biblical.” In the last year, Push’ married the same fiancée Drake mentioned by name in last May’s “Duppy Freestyle.”

After flowing in a “Broken Language” style used by Brooklyn’s Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigger Tha Gambler, Drake closes with crescendo: “I wish that I was playing in a sport where we were getting rings / I wouldn’t have space on either hand for anything / West Hollywood, know my presence is menacing / Cosa Nostra, shady dealings / R*cketeering, the syndicate got they hand in plenty things / The things that we’ve done to protect the name are unsettling / But no regrets though, the name’ll echo/  Years later, none greater / Death to a coward and a traitor, that’s just in my nature.

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If Pusha (or Kanye West) feel some type of way about these lyrics, 2019 could reheat 2018’s biggest Rap storyline.

#BonusBeat: Drake also released his latest Rick Ross collaboration, “Money In The Grave”: