Shaq & Dame Lillard Face Off On A Song After Years Of Trading Disses

Rick Ross and Meek Mill have teamed up for a full-length collaboration album, Too Good To Be True. The Maybach Music Group founder and one of his star artists have made massive hits together for the last dozen-plus years. Now, they unleash a new chapter for the label—now distributed by the same gamma company handling Snoop’s Death Row Records relaunch. The collabo album features another former MMG standout in Wale, as well as Fabolous, French Montana, and Teyana Taylor. However, the most ear-grabbing guest appearance comes from Shaquille O’Neal (aka Shaq Diesel) and Damian Lillard (aka Dame D.O.L.L.A) rocking together on the remix to “SHAQ & KOBE.”

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In 2019, Lillard, the then-Portland Trailblazers superstar, and Shaq, the NBA Hall Of Famer ,were sparring through Rap. Both men have supplemented their balling with rapping, albeit in different eras. Tensions escalated in lyrics, with Shaq eventually even sending disses to Charles Barkley. However, it’s all peace in 2023 in this milestone from two amazing athletes who demonstrate elite Rap skills. “The same place you’ll find power, you’ll find a lot of money / I done damn near made a billi’, b___h, you not a dummy / Make sure everybody fed and it’s not the tummy / N___as makin’ fashion statements and I’m poppin’ bummy / ‘Cause I don’t march to the drum that these n___as playin’ / Real big steppers gon’ step in, there’s no delayin’ / My mama seen it comin’, was over my shoulder prayin’ / When I started gettin’ in reckless in life and ain’t no demand / I felt a switch flick / Noticed the power of bein’ a misfit / Kick, push, skated fiascos into a kick-flip,” he spits, sandwiched between fresh Meek and Rozay verses for the remix.

Following the release of his first album in a quarter-century, Shaq reminds folks he is a NBA-to-Rap pioneer. “While I sit on my throne / I reminisce at how long I been in my zone / I find ’em and remind ’em, ’cause y’all the kind to forget / How I kept the show on the road all the time, but I got my kicks / I did it my way, that got me rich / Not only do I got the plays, I got the hits / You on the sideline your time was warmin’ the bench / I am a landmine, I was all in the trench.” Then he expands on his credentials: “Did a song with Biggie, it was all a dream / So was ballin’ ’til I made it, now we own a team / Labeled me the status, they know it’s Shaquille / Spent an evenin’ in a palace, cost a Richard Mill’.” He then highlights his push for positivity, and the money he’s stacking. “Focus on communities I wish to build / When it’s for the unity, that’s when I drill / They love me out in Philly like I roll with Meek / They treat me like I’m Ricky when I’m on the beach / Tryna stack another billi’, now it’s on the reach.” He also references his late friend and teammate, inspiring the song’s title: “I’ma bring the drama ’til I’m with the Mamba.” The remix ends the album. The original kicks off the 17 tracks.

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In addition to “SHAQ & KOBE (Remix)” the AFH playlist features other cuts from Too Good To Be True. There is also new music from Drake, DJ Drama, and Paul Wall & Termanology.

Notably, Rick Ross recently revealed that he tried to sign to Shaq’s label in the late 1990s/early 2000s era. “Many years ago I met with Shaq,” Ross told Complex. “He was launching his T.W.IsM. Records. We met in Atlanta somewhere. We met in a restaurant. Then we went in the back, in the kitchen. I spit a few bars for him. He gave me his contact, [and] we stayed in touch for a little bit. But, you know how that go.” Rozay would eventually make career inroads with a Shaq collaborator, Erick Sermon.