Kanye West Apologizes To Drake & Details Why Drake Was Angry With Him

This summer started with some fresh fireworks between the G.O.O.D. Music and OVO camps. At the center was the latest, potentially final edition in a longstanding beef between Pusha-T and Drake. Leading into his DAYTONA album, Push’ responded to a 2017 “Two Birds, One Stone” jab from Drizzy. The Clipse co-founder compared his opponent to Donald Trump and bashed him for cheating at Rap by enlisting outside songwriters. The diss song, “Infrared,” was produced by Kanye West—along with the rest of DAYTONA.

That same weekend, Drake responded in a big way. In replying to Push’, he also dissed Kanye West—an artist that Drake has worked with several times. “So if you rebuke me for workin’ with someone else on a couple of V’s / What do you really think of the ni**a that’s makin’ your beats? / I’ve done things for him that I thought he never would need / Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me / I popped style for 30 hours then let him repeat / You poppin’ up with the jokes, I’m dead; I’m asleep / I just left from over by y’all puttin’ pen to the sheets / I’m tired of sittin’ quiet and helping my enemies eat,” Drake rapped on May’s “Duppy Freestyle.” Although he never says West’s name, Drake points out the audacity of G.O.O.D. Music’s executive for allowing a double-standard. In doing so, Drake alleged that he had a hefty hand in 2016’s The Life Of Pablo.

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Pusha made the next move, dropping “The Story Of Adidon.” Although ‘Ye did not produce that song, it took tensions to a new high. Pusha-T outed Drake as hiding the fact that he fathered a child. The scathing diss that popped shots at Drake’s parents also prematurely revealed an Adidas partnership—a brand Push’ had also worked with. He also attacked OVO’s Noah “40” Shebib for his battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

That beef appeared to be permanently halted in the days that followed, from an outside party altogether. Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince advised Drake to stand down. Kanye declared Pusha’ beef with Drake “dead” at the same time. Prince’s son is the one who took Drake to Lil Wayne in 2008. The Houston, Texas-based mogul had also paid money to Kanye West for production early in his career.

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In June, Prince told Sway In The Morning that Drake had a reply to “The Story Of Adidon” recorded, and it was lethal to careers. “Let me say this here: the ingredients was overwhelming. I know for a fact that it would’ve been bad for Kanye and [Pusha-T]. It just wouldn’t be good. It’s beyond music at that point. It’s gonna affect the livelihood. It’s gonna interfere with his whole lifestyle from that day forward.”

That song never dropped. The beef quieted down, without Scorpion explicitly addressing the matter. Meanwhile, Drake appeared to diss Kanye West from the stage in his hometown of Chicago. Less than a month ago, the Toronto MC/singer changed one lyric in his “Know Yourself” performance from “Kanye dropped” to “Kanye flopped.” The shot was a reference to West’s ‘ye album from June. Earlier today (September 5) a snippet of a French Montana and Drake song leaked, where the OVO founder disses West’s Yeezy 350 shoe with Adidas, “I told her don’t wear no 350’s ’round me.

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Fresh off of a tearful apology for his slavery remarks to TMZ in the spring, Kanye West took to Twitter today to apologize to Drake. Those tweets are in sequence below.

After complimenting images of Drake’s Scorpion Tour, West says, “Let me start by apologizing for stepping on your release date in the first place…We were building a bond and working on music together including squashing the issues with [Kid] Cudi at our office.” On April 16, Drake announced Scorpion would release in June. That same week (April 19), ‘Ye announced his solo album and the KIDS SEE GHOSTS collaboration with Kid Cudi. Three days after that, West announced an elaborate rollout that also included albums by Pusha-T, Nas, and Teyana Taylor.

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Kanye then acknowledges that as a friend, he was wrong to allow dissing bars to transpire on his watch. “Since we were building as friends and brothers I should have spoken to Pusha about the Quentin Miller bar. There should have been no songs with my involvement that had any negative energy towards you.” Despite producing “Infrared,” West seems to says that he never heard “Duppy Freestyle” or “The Story Of Adidon.” “I never listened to either diss track that followed, but I did hear quotes from both songs after they were released.” He continues, “I did not have any conversations about your child with Pusha. I don’t play with the idea of people’s children after I spoke to Wiz [Khalifa] a few years earlier.”

The artist also reveals he and Drake discussed collaborating on late April single, “Lift Yourself.” West released the track without following up with the artist whose “Best I Ever Had” video he directed nearly a decade ago. That relationship has had bumps in the road before, after Drake took a brag shot at ‘Ye and JAY-Z on “Summer Sixteen.” That followed a controversial 2014 Rolling Stone interview, where he criticized Yeezus for some “questionable bars.”

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West does stand by his artist (who also serves as president at G.O.O.D. Music). “I understand Pusha’s issues as a man if someone mentions your fiancé men go mask off. I’ve done the same myself at times. I love you and I love Pusha and we all have an admiration for each other’s craft.” Kanye ended with a note of peace. “This is all Jedi level. I will be coming to your show within the next seven days to give love and be inspired by the art you have created.”

As of press time, Drake has not responded to the tweets.