A Timeline Of How Slaughterhouse Became A Broken Home

For a group that has not released a project in almost eight years, Slaughterhouse is currently making big waves in Hip-Hop news. The collective of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Kxng Crooked, and Royce 5’9 is presently at odds, and the disagreement is playing out in real-time. This Friday (March 11), Joell and Crook’ are scheduled to release The Rise And Fall Of Slaughterhouse. Based on its title, promotional webisodes, and early singles: “Vacancy” and “Backstage,” the Hitmaker Music Group LP is centered around the group that bonded Joell and Crooked I in the first place. However, Royce and Joe Budden are none too pleased about this project—its use of the group’s name, logo, and implications on the group’s brand. On Friday night (March 4), a live social media conversation played out between Royce, Joe, and Joell. In that discussion (which Joell exited abruptly), it was revealed that the four artists had been working together behind the scenes to get the group off of Eminem’s Shady Records—where they had signed a decade ago. It was also shared that Joe Budden nearly ended a five-year Rap retirement to re-join Slaughterhouse for a feature for Westside Gunn—which ultimately did not transpire. However, alleged major label offers surrounding a third Slaughterhouse album reached a stalemate. The artists seem to disagree when and why those negotiations soured, and this has caused behind the scenes tensions to enter the spotlight.

Following this weekend’s developments, the What’s The Headline podcast (embedded below in video and audio) offers a comprehensive timeline of the rise and fall of Slaughterhouse. The two-hour-plus discussion traces the group’s roots back to four solo careers and how early tensions ultimately galvanized a brotherhood that excited the fans. The timeline highlights the albums, songs, and mixtapes that made Slaughterhouse stand out from the late 2000s Rap pack, gaining interest from Eminem and Shady. The Ambrosia For Heads team recalls cyphers, concerts, and moments that allowed Slaughterhouse to thrive. The conversation then draws from handfuls of interviews that show where and when things started to get murky and ultimately go wrong. Things intensified when the group stopped recording songs as a regiment—and What’s The Headline tracks the moments. The AFH team also speculates on the future of a beloved Hip-Hop supergroup and whether or not this is part of a bigger, orchestrated plan.

Joe Budden, Royce 5’9 And Joell Ortiz Argue About Slaughterhouse & It Ends Badly

The time codes for episode #77 of the What’s The Headline podcast:

0:00 Intro
1:00 The members of Slaughterhouse are in a war of words with one another
3:00 Why Slaughterhouse is so loved by so many
9:40 The rise and fall of Slaughterhouse: a timeline
10:00 Where Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce 5’9″ and Joe Budden were in their careers right before the formation of Slaughterhouse
12:33 The origin story of Slaughterhouse
20:30 Nino Bless was on the first song Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5’9, Crooked I and Joe Budden ever recorded together
20:55 Why was Nino Bless not part of Slaughterhouse
22:33 Other Rap collectives that formed after being on songs together
23:30 How a song launched Slaughterhouse the group and then an album
25:15 The state of Hip-Hop in 2009 when Slaughterhouse was formed
32:44 Slaughterhouse signs with Shady Records in 2011
34:37 Shady Records’ track record with recognizing talented artists
38:11 Shady Records puts Slaughterhouse on Hip-Hop’s biggest stage during the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards
40:32 Slaughterhouse goes mainstream in 2012 and it does not connect with their fans
45:30 Slaughterhouse and TDE have BET Cyphers in 2013, and all eyes are on who is the best crew
51:20 In 2014, Slaughterhouse release their House Rules mixtape and record an unreleased album that is rumored to be their best
54:22 Joe Budden releases an entire song about Eminem in 2015
56:25 Joe Budden’s career as a host takes off in 2017, with his podcast and Everyday Struggle
1:01:28 Joe Budden delivers a savage review of Eminem’s Revival album on Everyday Struggle, and it creates division within Slaughterhouse and Shady Records
1:06:43 Eminem releases a song dissing Joe Budden
1:09:20 Joe Budden is publicly saying he is retired as a rapper, in 2017 and beyond
1:10:45 In March 2018, Royce discusses how he feels about what Joe said about Eminem and Em’s music
1:11:30 Kxng Crooked releases a statement saying he is no longer a part of Slaughterhouse, in April 2018
1:14:00 Royce details the status of Slaughterhouse, and speaks about them in the past tense
1:17:40 Eminem releases Kamikaze, an album filled with Joe Budden disses
1:22:50 Joe Budden says that is a better rapper than Eminem and details his grievances with Em
1:32:20 Joe Budden releases a trailer for a Pull Up conversation between him and Crooked, but the full interview is never released
1:33:58 Crooked speaks about how he feels about Joe Budden
1:44:50 Eminem releases a song featuring Joell Ortiz, Kxng Crooked and Royce 5’9, with a line that may be dissing Budden
1:46:20 Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked release a project together called H.A.R.D.
1:48:00 In 2021, there is a major change that may allow for a Slaughterhouse reunion
1:49:11 In February 2022, Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked announce their album, The Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse, and release two songs detailing why they believe the group has broken up
1:33:55 On March 4, 2022, Royce 5’9, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden had a public conversation that became extremely heated
1:59:14 Joe Budden says that while he was publicly stating he was retired, behind the scenes he was telling the members of Slaughterhouse that he would reunite with them if they got out of their Shady Records agreement
2:01:20 Royce discusses how his relationship with Crooked has deteriorated
2:02:48 Most of Slaughterhouse’s disagreements have been about business
2:06:42 Royce and Joe Budden laugh about Joell Ortiz’s song “Shake Dat Je’llo”
2:09:40 Joell Ortiz joins the call and it becomes heated, with Joell and Royce both accusing each other of lying
2:10:40 Their biggest disagreement is about a Slaughterhouse record deal that is currently on the table
2:12:10 Joell says that Joe and Royce turned the deal down, and both Joe and Royce say that never happened
2:13:30 Royce 5’9 and Joe Budden say the person who procured the record deal for the group is shady
2:14:50 Joell calls out Royce and Joe for having this discussion publicly, instead of behind the scenes with the group
2:15:28 Joe Budden calls Joell Ortiz a “f*cking liar”
2:16:00 There is a clear misunderstanding about where this record deal stands
2:20:48 Joe Budden tells Joell that Budden is bigger than anything Joell has going on
2:25:00 Both sides may be telling the truth about this record deal
2:26:54 This is where their conversation escalates, becomes super ugly and abruptly ends
2:30:00 Is this war of words real or orchestrated for publicity?

Joell Ortiz & Kxng Crooked Rap About The Fall Of Slaughterhouse

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