Westside Boogie’s Freestyle Makes Other MCs Look this Big

Nearly four years ago, Westside Boogie made a major impression with his first album on Shady Records. 2019’s Everythings For Sale joined the Griselda crew in expanding Eminem’s roster with new depth and range. That move had been happening since both parties smashed a 2017 BET Cypher.

While the Buffalo, New York trio embodied hard rhymes, wordplay about hustling, and a callback to mid-’90s East Coast Gangsta Rap, Boogie was something else entirely. The artist, who divided his youth between Compton and Long Beach, showed an ability to slip into melody, and rap with a passion as well. Boogie offered sharp commentary, personal revelation, and an ability to make a dynamic LP. That ’19 album was not his first, following years of catalog, but it put the artist on many radars.

Boogie’s Freestyle Questions Whether Buying Back The Block Is The Right Thing (Video)

Boogie, making his debut on Flex after two impressive Sway In The Morning freestyle appearances in the past, recognizes DMX’s “How’s It Goin’ Down” instrumental (as produced by P. Killa) immediately. He honors X and makes a quip about Stacey Dash along the way.

After recreating X’s chorus, Boogie moves into bars. “This feel like some sh*t I gotta black on / Watch me do this sh*t like I do back home / Strengthening my core to my backbone / See, this when all them groupie ni**as latch on / Wearing all my feelings, ni**as say I’m overdressed / At least I won’t explode of no feelings I suppress / Foot up on they necks / ‘What’s that odor? Oh, that’s death’ / The fact I even made it through the funk should be a flex,” the artist who has been open about his gang ties brandishes. He tries on different flows, while addressing the depth of his character and trying to resist temptation.

Boogie & J.I.D. Reject Industry Gimmicks In Favor Of Real Rap

After playing to the camera while punctuating his lyrics, Boogie raps, “I’m a b*tch-ni**a b*tch-slapper / Impacter, overwhelmed, but a zen master / Forget data, you know ni**as love to skip chapters / Just to hit the end and fine out none of this sh*t matters / It makes me ask what types of games is being played / See my granny slave; overworked and underpaid,” he raps, weaving in the instrumental track. He spits potent jewels next. “Please don’t lose a war because of a fight that’s in your brain / I hate when you change and they gon’ look at you the same / That’s what they do back home / See, this gon’ be some sh*t that I’m gonna black on / I can’t post your brand if it ain’t Black-owned.

Boogie continues with a balanced set of rhymes that show who he is, what he offers, and his passion for rapping.

Symba Calls Funkmaster Flex Out While Freestyling For Him

Earlier this year, Boogie released MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES. The Shady/Interscope Records album features Snoop Dogg, Smino, and Soulja Boy, among others. It marked his full-length followup to Everythings For Sale—which was named among Ambrosia For Heads’ best albums of 2019.

Earlier this year, Funk Flex clashed with Boogie’s label-mate Conway The Machine. However, the two parties made peace with a freestyle that still raised some questions. Pete Rock and Flex got into an issue as a result of the dispute. That funk appears to be ongoing.