Scarface Delivers One Of The Best Tiny Desk Performances Ever

Scarface is at an interesting point in his career. It has been over five years since the Houston Hip-Hop legend released an album (2017’s Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files compilation). In that outage, Face has been quick to demonstrate his supreme Rap skills on songs with DJ Muggs, E-40, and George Clinton, among others. However, Brad Jordan has been podcasting alongside Geto Boys brethren Willie D, he nearly won a City Council election, and he has opened up about his passions for golf and guitar.

However, in the closing days of 2023, Scarface visits the NPR Tiny Desk, for one of the best virtual concerts in years. Facemob is joined by his longtime collaborator, producer/musician Mike Dean, and a cast of talented musicians. Face and Mike Dean say incredible things about one another.

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More than just leaning into Geto Boys classics (the performance does include the obligatory “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me”), but it also emphasizes Scarface’s incredible solo catalog. The performance begins with a deep-rooted rendition of “On My Block” from The Fix. Brad then moves into the haunting “Mary Jane”—two songs with unmistakable bass lines. For the later, Face pulls out the axe and gets busy (something he does other places throughout the concert). The O.G. also shares that his son Brice, who is standing by, is a better musician than he is.

Scarface then moves into his famed Tupac Shakur collaboration “Smile.” He also moves into songs beloved by fans, but often unavailable to radio and video outlets: “I Seen A Man Die” and “F__k Faces” (which originally featured Too Short and Devin The Dude). The Tiny Desk set list covers more than a decade of music from a catalog that spans over 35 years.

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However, Scarface—who underwent a life-saving kidney transplant in 2020—is a world-class entertainer. After providing anecdotes on the song creations (some detailed, and some funny), Scarface delivers every lyric with conviction and emphasis. For an artist who does not always do national tours, this is a stark reminder that Brad Jordan is a top MC in every sense of the word.

This year, Scarface appeared on DJ Muggs’ latest album. He also appeared during the 50th anniversary Hip-Hop tribute alongside The Roots, LL Cool J, Ice-T, Too Short, and others.

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#BonusBeat: Ambrosia For Heads‘ Justin “The Company Man” Hunte did a special video, arguing why Scarface is the Greatest Rapper Of All-Time: