Kooley High Keep Ascending & Will Never Come Down (Video Premiere)

From the hills of Raleigh, North Carolina, Kooley High have ascended with Never Come Down, a 14-track album with features from fellow Tar Heels Rapsody and Carlitta Durand and 9th Wonder as executive producer. The quintet made up of MCs Charlie Smarts and Tab-One; producers Foolery and The Sinopsis; and DJ... Read more

Kooley High Reach For The Ceiling In The Group’s Newest Video

The “Hip-Hop group” seems to be an endangered species in today’s landscape. There are plenty of collectives comprised of loosely-associated solo MCs, or super-group side projects. However, acts with more than two members are becoming rarer and rarer. Enter Kooley High, a North Carolina Hip-Hop crew who are driven by... Read more

Rapsody Becomes The First Woman MC To Sign To Jay Z’s Roc Nation Label

For almost a decade, Snow Hill, North Carolina MC Rapsody has been paying dues in her Hip-Hop career. After acclaimed album The Idea Of Beautiful, standout mixtape She Got Game, and a key appearance on Kendrick Lamar's platinum #1 album To Pimp A Butterfly, Rapsody has landed her next major... Read more

Jamla’s Army Rolls Deep With Add-2 & Rapsody Ripping Up A Khrysis Beat (Audio)

Chicago, Illinois MC Add-2 is wrapping up his sophomore release with 9th Wonder's Jamla Records. Prey For The Poor (September 4). This go-round features one of the newer additions to the Army, alongside its resident flagship artist, Rapsody. "Rewind" finds the "It's OK" cast, complete with Khrysis' soulful production, back... Read more

Mr. Porter, Rapsody & Scram Jones Celebrate The Sleepers (Video)

Mr. Porter (n/k/a dEnAuN) knows a little something about what Biz Markie called "The Vapors." The D12 member, Shady Records conduit, and longtime top producer does not get the recognition that matches his accolades. With a few name-changes in his career, he's anything but a household name, especially considering his... Read more

Rapsody Revamps Beauty And The Beast With 3 New Songs. Check Out This One (Audio)

Through the #1 album in the country for two weeks straight, Rapsody is reaching audiences the Raleigh, North Carolina MC previously has not. Hearing "Complexion" on Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, listeners inevitably want to know more. So last year, when Rapsody released Beauty And The Beast, an EP... Read more

Rapsody Breaks The Backboard With A Freestyle, After Discussing Race & Complexion (Videos)

Rapsody continues to garner strong attention over the last month. Since appearing on "Complexion" from Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, the Jamla Records veteran (of sorts) has a story that everyone is curious about. Rap' appeared on HOT 97's Ebro In The Morning this week, to speak with E,... Read more

With Millions Stuck On Her Words, Rapsody Commands The Moment (Video)

Rapsody fans know how important this week truly is. Appearing on Kendrick Lamar's record-breaking To Pimp A Butterfly as of its Monday sneak attack release, it is presumed that the Kooley High alum and Jamla Records artist is meeting many ears for the first time. However, for those who have... Read more

Crossing The Oceans To Rock Stages, Rapsody Looks To The Lens As Godzilla (Video)

Rapsody's reputation for crushing mics has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. Although Heads have been praising the North Carolina MC since the Kooley High days, long before The Idea Of Beautiful, 2014 just somehow served as a penetrating late pass for all the tardy fans to... Read more

Rapsody Drops An Insightful Illustration Of Injustice Today In 2 Songs (Audio)

Throughout the headlines of the last month, oppression appears to be at the root of the biggest stories of the day. Whether racism, sexism, police brutality, domestic abuse, social unrest, all of these topics trace down to people being oppressed by another—another person, a people, an institution, a governing body,... Read more

Rapsody Got Drama For Days (Video)

When she wants to dramatize her verses, Rapsody literally goes underground. Jamla's current flagship artist tells the tale of Beauty & The Beast with the latest visual to her just-released EP. With her team surrounding her, the Kooley High alum spins the yarns on why she's among the best, and... Read more

Rapsody & 9th Wonder Are Knocking Down Conventions Like Godzilla (Audio)

Rapsody is in her zone! The Jamla MC hops on yet another 9th Wonder beat and has a wordplay extravaganza on "Godzilla." The Beauty & The Beast joint is a strong statement about how only God is illa' and the rest of the MC crop best step aside for one... Read more

Rapsody Brings The Drama (Audio)

On her upcoming Beauty & The Beast EP (October 7), Rapsody is trying new things. After more than five years patiently waiting in the Hip-Hop independent crosswinds, Rap' is downright taking hers by force. The Khrysis-produced "Drama" (which Heads got a glimpse of last week) lives up to its name.... Read more

From CNN Headlines To NFL Storylines, Rapsody Uses It In This Freestyle (Audio)

Some artists have a nonchalant way of showing just how well-read they are. Today, Rapsody dropped a freestyle, "I'm A Beast" overtop the "Hoover Street" instrumental. Here, the Jamla flagship artist showcases her ties to the issues, ranging from the murder of Michael Brown to Tony Romo's missteps at quarterback... Read more

Rapsody’s Betty Shabazz Shows Her Commanding MC Skills All In One Place On A 9th Wonder Nodder (Video)

For some Rapsody fans, this week has been bittersweet. With an acclaimed independent album and a show-stopping mixtape under her belt, many Heads were looking to see Rap's joyful smile grace the upcoming XXL pages for 2014's annual "Freshmen issue." The questions and disappointment from some, when the Kooley High... Read more

Rapsody Plants Some Roses In Your Brain With A Khrysis Beat (Audio)

Rapsody's ill linguistics are constantly elevating. In less than two minutes, Rap' takes a fresh Khrysis beat, and shows out on it. "Roses" follows the concept/substance-driven "Thank You" from late last month, showing some of the many sides of one of Hip-Hop's sharpest pens and performers. Related: Rapsody Thanks Some... Read more

Rapsody Paints Her Numbers On The Boards With Some Attitude (Audio)

This month, Pusha T's "Numbers On The Boards" has its first birthday. That doesn't mean that the grimy instrumental created by DJ Don Cannon and Kanye West doesn't still attract MCs from elsewhere to mold it to them. Such is the case with Rapsody. She barely stops for air as... Read more

Pete Rock, Rapsody & Lecrae Find The Good In Things, On A Khrysis Beat (Audio)

Jamla most definitely Is The Squad, especially this week. 9th Wonder's imprint has set the week ablaze with leaks from the upcoming project, mixed by Statik Selektah. If you thought Rapsody's She Got Game was impressive with its vocal and production chemistry with other artists, you'll enjoy "Be Inspired." In... Read more

Rapsody Catches A Moment In Time With Jay Z

When Rapsody crossed paths with DJ Premier in 2013, Ambrosia For Heads thought it was powerful, important. This past weekend, the Jamla Records artist who dazzled us with She Got Game in 2013, and The Idea Of Beautiful in 2012, stood alongside Jay Z backstage at the Magna Carta Holy... Read more

Exclusive: Rapsody & 9th Wonder Are In Our Area, Causing Mass Hysteria (Audio)

As Rapsody pulled from Nas' famous entrance phrase on "Halftime," 9th Wonder channeled Large Professor's echoey reverb and thumbing percussion for "Mass Hysteria"—which we are proud to premiere at AFH. Rap gives some of her finest wordplay on this cut which is mostly about being dope, but veers into some... Read more

Kooley High are retro in name, sound and visuals. They actually spend some time in a record store in their video for All Day…

And they're an integrated collective--black, white, male, female. Kinda dope.  Check it out. Read more