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Lil Dicky Has Released 1 Of The Greatest Music Videos Ever. It’s Insane In The Brain.

Professional Rapper Lil Dicky continues to serve up content from the 2015 debut album that introduced him as one of the most humorous minds in Rap music. With "$ave Dat Money," the rapper born David Burd created one of the most memorable videos in recent years, managing to produce an ostentatious... Read more

For All Who Doubt Lil Dicky’s Lyrical Ability, This Bruh’s For You (Video)

Ushered in as a member of XXL's Freshman Class of 2016, Lil Dicky performed a verse from his 2015 album Professional Rapper. "Bruh..." is a no-nonsense lyrical barrage of a song, absent of overpowering production and instead centered around rapid-fire delivery of bars that prove he can stand tall amongst... Read more

Lil Dicky’s Music Is Fearless & So Are His Interviews (Video)

Less than one year ago, Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC Lil Dicky cemented his status on the national scene with Professional Rapper. The fast-flowing lyricist who first began with aspirations in stand-up comedy made an album unlike any other—and fans responded. Dicky's self-released LP hit the Top 10, while urging people... Read more

Lil Dicky Exposes the Brutal Pain of Losing the Love of His Life (Video)

During his performance at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last weekend (June 4), Lil Dicky shared a personal detail regarding his love life. Telling the crowd that a woman he loves named Molly recently got engaged to someone else, the area native revealed the sort of relatable truth that... Read more

Lil Dicky & Snoop Dogg Have A Serious Conversation About Making “Comedy Rap” (Video)

Lil Dicky is the latest guest on Snoop Dogg's GGN show. There, the two Professional Rapper collaborators have a largely serious discussion about the craft of rapping, getting in where you fit in, and the hope for an eventual return to form of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball team. "To... Read more

How Did Lil Dicky Get Away With His ‘$ave Dat Money’ Hijinks? This Documentary Has the Answer (Video)

Since releasing his studio debut Professional Rapper, Philadelphia MC Lil Dicky has continued to capitalize on the internet fame that first catapulted him into Hip-Hop in 2013, when the video for "Ex-Boyfriend" scored over one-million hits in less than 24 hours. Since then, the ad-man turned comedian turned rapper has... Read more

Lil Dicky Explains What Led Him to Hip-Hop In 5 Questions (Video)

Lil Dicky has had a charmed career in Hip-Hop, thus far. His first video ever ("Ex-Boyfriend") racked up a million views...on the first day. His debut album, Professional Rapper, was the number 1 Rap album in the country, the first week of its release, and the album was perched atop... Read more

Snoop Puts Lil Dicky to a Rap Test…and He ACES It Like a Pro (Video)

Today (July 31), Lil Dicky released his debut album, Professional Rapper, and it is one of the most inventive and creative albums of the year. As fans have come to expect, the LP is filled with humor, irony and Dicky's unique take on the world, but, most importantly, it is... Read more