Page Kennedy Pulls Up On Challenging Issues & Confronts Them With Hard Bars (Video)

It’s no secret that Detroit, Michigan’s Page Kennedy prides himself on delivering rewind-worthy punchlines and thoughtful concepts. Yet his most recent art has him showcasing another sort of pride.

Pulled from his latest tape, late 2019’s Straight Bars III, the actor and lyricist shares his thoughts on all the ill-will in the country and the entertainment game with his new video for the song, “7:30 PM In Culver City.” Directed by Diego Cruz, “7:30 PM In Culver City” finds Kennedy pointing out racial injustices when it comes to celebrity dirt, touching upon hot button topics such as Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood hot mic video, Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime hoax, and the Michael Jackson scandal.

Page Kennedy Is An Elite Storyteller MC. His New Video Plays Out Like A Greek Tragedy

Y’all ni**as try’na get rid of all of our heroes / But I don’t see you goin’ after white murals / Elvis did sh*t too, y’all ain’t diggin’ up his bones / Or try’na wipe out his legacy when he gone,” he spits. “Y’all let Trump grab ’em by the p*ssy and reward him with the highest state in office / And it’s making me nauseous / I’m gonna snatch that red hat and make Rap great again / In facts, I did that, wack Rap hater-in’ / It’s the situation / No mumble when I speak, it’s what you call articulation / Pronounce my pronouns / With a profound elevator flow: when it goes up, it goes down!

“I don’t typically make much social commentary in my music but I definitely felt these points needed to be spoke on,” Kennedy shared with HipHopDX in regards to the record. “Of course with a level of humor as I do.”

Page Kennedy, Elzhi, Kxng Crooked, Cassidy, King Los & Mickey Factz vs. EVERYBODY (Audio)

Page might not admit to being a “voice of the people” but he did put on for the culture in a major way with his 2018 musical entry, “The Story of Hip-Hop.” The YouTube and Vine star remixed JAY-Z’s 4:44 standout track to showcase both sides of the coin when it comes to talking about the Hip-Hop community. “It’s not one way,” he shared about the Poteet Films-directed visual. “For so long I thought only the truest Hip-Hop is what was good. I now know that isn’t true. Now is the most diverse time in Hip-Hop. So if you don’t like something turn it off and turn on what you wanna hear. That’s the beauty of it. The Hip-Hop buffet is full right now.”

Straight Bars III, which is 11 tracks full of multi-layered content from the Detroit-bred rapper. It features Daylyt, D12’s Kuniva, Kid Vishis, Che Noir, and Benny The Butcher affiliate RJ Payne. With 2020 boasting releases from Eminem (out now) and Royce 5’9 (coming next month), Page Kennedy adds to exciting moment for Michigan.