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Is Joe Budden the Most Fearless MC Alive? Listen to This Autobiographical Track (Audio)

Joe Budden is fearless on the microphone. Along with having formidable skills, there is seemingly no topic he’s afraid to address. In his new song “Alive,” from his forthcoming Some

Kendrick Lamar Performs i After an Intro From Kevin Hart (Video)

If you’ve caught any of the NBA games this week, you’ve undoubtedly heard at least a snippet of Kendrick Lamar’s single “i.” Representing the theme song for the NBA’s premiere

Mike Tyson as a Crime Fighter? Watch His Animated Debut (Video)

Adult Swim premiered their new animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries earlier in the week and they’ve made the full episode available online. Iron Mike fights crime, Scooby Doo-style. Check out

Here’s Previously Unreleased Poetry From 17-Year Old Tupac Shakur

Leila Steinberg, the first manager of Tupac Shakur, has shared some never before released hand-written poetry from Tupac when he was 17-years old. The poems, “Things That Make Hearts Break,”

Rest in Peace to the Legendary Jam Master Jay. Here’s a Tribute Mix (Audio)

Jam Master Jay, legendary DJ for Run-D.M.C., was tragically taken from us twelve years ago today (10/30/02). There’s not much to say about Jay that hasn’t already been covered, so

Joe Budden Shifts Gears and Releases a Song That’s All About Those BARS (Audio)

“Still in my prime but this ain’t Nickel or Primo…” Joe Budden takes a break from love-related songs and releases one that’s all about those BARS–there’s no hook, just lyrics.

Faith Evans, The First Lady of Hip-Hop, is Back for a Good Time (Video)

Faith Evans, the First Lady of Hip-Hop, is making a return and it sounds so good…Her latest single, “Good Time,” is a party-starter with big harmonies, a verse from Problem

DJ Quik Laces Bishop Lamont With a Hypnotic Track That’s So Addictive (Audio)

One of DJ Quik’s most radical and enduring tracks was “Addictive” by Truth Hurts. It caught your attention with the mystical chanting in the beginning and, once the rolling drums

Joell Ortiz Has the Questions…and the Answers About Why He’s Real Rap (Video)

On his song “Q&A,” Joell Ortiz has a very intense conversation…with himself. He addresses his motivations for rapping, his belief that he is underrated, how and why he lost weight

Ice Cube Does Magic Tricks for Elmo and It’s ASTOUNDING (Video)

In 1988, would you have ever believed that Ice Cube, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, himself, would ever be on Sesame Street?? Times have definitely changed…Check out this video of Cube doing